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  1. Tiled Plugin for RPG Maker MZ

    @Archeia, alright. Thanks! I'm using Cyclone Movement for close to pixel movement. However during the Game_Map flagged tile check, at least, Cyclone Movement returns the target tile in a float due to the partial step movement and your TileD script does not like this. I tried to fix it myself by...
  2. Tiled Plugin for RPG Maker MZ

    @Archeia, where should I go to request a seemingly simple compatibility patch for the TileD plugin for MZ?
  3. Cyclone Movement for MZ and MV

    Is the download link dead? EDIT: nvm... chrome didn't like the link for whatever reason. Firefox downloaded it fine.
  4. Quasi Movement

    Beautiful man! This will be perfect. Thank you! 
  5. Quasi Movement

    Is there a method to return when a collision has happened or where is the best place in here to hack that in if not? For example, if I want a method to be continuously called until a collision occurs I'd have that particular method in an update method unless collision = true.
  6. Quasi Movement

    @Quasi Right on. But is this normal? If you have a vanilla game except Quasi movement with Pathfind enabled and ran from a browser played on mobile? If so then I'll stop trying to figure out if it's the Google Drive connection speed is just too slow lol. 
  7. Quasi Movement

    I've been having problems using Quasi Movement paired with Quasi Pathfind on mobile. I know it's not optimized, but its literally unplayable on a simple, next to vanilla game I have hosted on a Google Drive folder shared in a browser. When the Pathfind module is disabled, it plays fine except...
  8. Cidiomar's Perfect Pixel Collision Terms Of Use

    The website with the licensing has been long gone and I can't seem to find what his terms are for the use of his scripts. If this information is no longer available, how should you handle this?
  9. State Not Removing Correctly

    Is there a difference to states when applying them directly to enemies through troop battle events or through a plugin with the  $gameTroop.members()[_targetIndex].addState(_stateId);  type format? I'm having a problem with the state not removing itself. If I apply the same state to an...
  10. Simultaneous Button Input

    Ahh, I'll look into this. Thank you! Ok, after doing a bit more research, it looks like key detection for battle scenes are different for map scenes. Using the exact same code logic, while on a map all simultaneous key presses were detected regardless of which button was pressed first...
  11. Simultaneous Button Input

    I'm currently just testing Input.isPressed(x). I'm writing a battle skill input plugin and one of the skill categories requires you to press a certain combination of keys at the same time order to successfully proc the skill. The game will only make use of the four directions and two other keys...
  12. Simultaneous Button Input

    I'm trying to figure out how many/what simultaneous key presses can be detected. From what I've tested, it seems to not detect key presses after I press one of the directional keys, however if I press the "control" (or "alt" which according to the default code is the same thing) then it seems to...
  13. Expression Spy

    Expression Spy 1.1 Drykul Introduction While developing I thought it would be useful to be able to view variables, switches, and other custom expressions, variables, arrays, etc in real time as opposed to needing to pause gameplay through the console. Thus I set out to create a plug-in to do...
  14. Script on Site Formatted Wrong

    That's understandable. I was never pointing fingers and I have been patiently waiting and would have continued to do so without saying much. I appreciate all the work you've done for us!
  15. Script on Site Formatted Wrong

    This has been a problem for quite awhile now and its actually a very big problem for a lot of us. I love these forums and they were invaluable when I was learning Ruby and I was hoping for the same while learning JS in MV. This isn't the case however and I've been forced to look elsewhere. I'm...
  16. Receive Player Input During Battle?

    So in the process of learning JS and learning the flow of MV coding, I decided to figure out how to accept user input after battle command selection and just before actors turn. Think Sabin from FF6. Looking through a battle scene tutorial, it seems BattleManager.startAction would be just the...
  17. Code format messed up

    Ahhh. Bug tracker. Yeah. I... uhh... totally saw that already. ;) Thanks again!
  18. Code format messed up

    I must have completely missed that. I'm sure its been talked about then already. My apologies. If you could direct me to where there is more information about this issue I'd appreciate it!
  19. Code format messed up

    I'm thinking it might be a localized problem on my end but I haven't changed anything recently that I can think of to cause this but I also haven't seen anyone else complain about this... any time there is the code formatting on any thread its all screwy. See my attachment pic to see what I'm...
  20. Random Common Event Occurence

    Hah nice! I used it for when I had a player prancing about the woods you would randomly come across different areas or meet people. :)

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