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  1. RMMZ How to make enemy animations play on frontview?

    All my enemies' animations won't play for some reason. I tried using Visu Battle Core but it broke one of my other plugins. Is there any other plugin or way I can do this?
  2. How to make a skill not have to go through 2 menus

    Its a bit hard to explain, but each character has a special ability in my game. For instance, character 1 should have the options fight, magic, item, guard, or scan. Scan causes you to see the enemies weakness. However, in vanilla it doesn't let me put that in the main options during battle...
  3. RMMZ How do i get rid of the default text box in the battle system

    When you first start the battle, a little popup comes in that says fight or escape. any way to remove that?
  4. RMMZ How do i get rid of the default text box in the battle system

    I'm using HUD Maker to make a custom front view battle system, but idk how to get rid of the default box with all the options
  5. RMMV Is there a way to make things appear on the title screen based on progress?

    My game has 7 possible endings you can get, and I wanted to see if there is a way that maybe some trophies or icons can appear on the title screen based on what endings you have gotten so far. Is there any way I can do this with a plugin or something else?
  6. TAA_EnemyReinforcements - v1.2.1

    It seems like the enemy shows up but the game freezes afterward... it might just be me though
  7. how to make a variable absolute value

    I need absolute value to make a negative into positive. Does anyone know how to do a scriptcall for this?
  8. TAA_EnemyReinforcements - v1.2.1

    Thanks for responding. To be more description I think the plugin command for reinforcements doesn't work on MZ, and only the skill works
  9. TAA_EnemyReinforcements - v1.2.1

    it only happens when i use the plugin command, which is not seen in that To me it just seems like this plugin doesn't work correctly on MZ so spider guy should probably get an update out
  10. TAA_EnemyReinforcements - v1.2.1

    It is not the variable that is the problem. I tried another version where I just gave the plugin a flat value of enemy 1, (goblin since I was using a default game for testing) Yet, whenever I used the command it will crash. And yes, I was using an in game test. Most likely its a plugin bug.
  11. RMMZ Having trouble getting a reinforcement plugin to work

    I'm using a plugin called TAA_EnemyReinforcements - v1.2.0 which spawns in new enemies like reinforcements. However, whenever I use the plugin an error comes up and my game crashes. Does anyone know why this could be happening...
  12. TAA_EnemyReinforcements - v1.2.1

    It crashes whenever I do anything related to the plugin, but a regular battle won't crash
  13. TAA_EnemyReinforcements - v1.2.1

    What does this mean and how do I fix it?
  14. RMMZ a plugin that lets actors have individual items, weapons, and armors

    yeah this plugin isn't working for what I want... Do you think there's a way to save everything that's in a character's inventory so you can restore it later? Maybe like a chest system
  15. RMMZ a plugin that lets actors have individual items, weapons, and armors

    I want a system that is similar to Earthbound where each party member has an individual inventory that has a cap, and you can distribute items between actors. Also, I want certain actors that do not have this feature (these actors are robots that die permanently and are dispensable) Is there any...
  16. RMMZ How to spawn event at player's coordinates?

    Im using a plugin called Galv's Event Spawner MZ. I want to know how I could use javascript to spawn an event at the players coordinates. I tried the following but it didn't work
  17. Galv's Event Spawner

    how do i put it at the players coordinates? i tried this and it did not work
  18. Is there anyway to pull the time and date from the players computer?

    yeah thanks for all the help, the variable thing worked

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