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  1. AsuranFish

    In what order do you build your games?

    I'm kind of curious about how people go about constructing the various aspects of their games, such as "I create all my maps first", or "the first thing I do is setup all the game systems I want in place"... what things you do towards the end, and what sort of things you consider "finishing...
  2. AsuranFish

    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    Question: With RPG Maker MV / Yanfly - it was possible to set skill speeds outside of the range allowed in the DB editor. Is this at all possible with Visustella?
  3. AsuranFish

    Need help coming up with a plot

    Although the Demon King was ultimately an evil presence, he ruled through a system of justice. All evil/suffering that fell upon the people under the Demon King was, in a sense, just. Under Emperor Hero, it's just oppression, corruption, abuse of power. Perhaps along the way, the Demon King...
  4. AsuranFish

    RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    I seem to have discovered an issue where moving an event using "Set Event Location" will cause a crash. Disabling Community Lighting fixes the issue. rmmz_managers.js:2030 TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined at Game_Interpreter.command203 (rmmz_objects.js:10483) at...
  5. AsuranFish

    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    I've noticed setting a skill's Invocation Speed to -2000 will label it as "Slowest", and setting it to 500 will label it "Fast". A few of questions that I couldn't figure out from the help file... 1: Is it possible to set a skill speed outside of the DB limits of -2000 to 2000? 2: Is it...
  6. AsuranFish

    A New RPG Maker draws near! Command?

    Just a suggestion - but can we have a second sticky thread for “RMMZ official news only, no discussion”? As we start getting information, it will probably become increasingly frustrating to find news in this thread. We still know next to nothing, and we’re already at 60 pages and over 1000 posts.
  7. AsuranFish

    A New RPG Maker draws near! Command?

    There’s a lot of opportunity on the character generator. I’d like to see the following... 1) Greatly expand on the number of poses generated for both battles and map sprites. Facial expressions for shocked, angry, happy, sad, laughing, etc... actions like jumping, climbing, crouching, and so...
  8. AsuranFish

    Showing various animations on an enemy...

    I was wondering if there is a way to show various animations on an enemy in randomish intervals. To give an example, I made a few animations of small explosions, sparks, and smoke. What I would like is for these animations to be gradually start playing on certain mechanical enemies as their HP...
  9. AsuranFish

    Pre-made (Yanfly's) Action Sequence Sharing and Discussions

    Is it possible to setup conditionals based on what the target of a skill is? For example, "if target is user", "if target is enemy", "if target is ally" or whatever?
  10. AsuranFish

    Favorite NES game?

    1: Legend of Zelda 2: Final Fantasy 3: Mike Tyson's Punch Out 4: Super Mario 3 5: Dragon Warrior Pretty close between #1 & 2, then a gap, then really close between 3, 4, and 5... I chose LoZ over FF because it was easier to get in and out of, didn't require grinding, etc... Chose MTPO over SM3...
  11. AsuranFish

    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    Looks like a fun place to explore! That map looks bigger than most of my dungeons and field areas!
  12. AsuranFish

    How to have a party leader that doesn't fight?

    I think you could just change the “walk” character image of all potential party members to whoever your party leader is, and the player would never notice. Your main character wouldn’t exist in terms of stats, equipment, etc - in the main menu, but would be visible on map and in dialogue. This...
  13. AsuranFish

    Revive kills zombie... how?

    *delete, misread post*
  14. AsuranFish

    The rumors in the rpg

    Funny story: my mom once told me how when she was a kid, she was terrified of dragonflies, because she was told they'd sew your mouth and eyes shut if you misbehaved... So in my game, there's an NPC child who warns you about dragonflies doing those exact things... in the coming areas, they're a...
  15. AsuranFish

    Ability only effective while having X State

    Your title and post seem to be asking different things... Do you want to make a skill only affect the target if they’re afflicted with a certain state? Or do you want a skill to only be available for use if the character is under a certain state?
  16. AsuranFish

    How do you guys come up with fantasy names?

    For places and abilities, I also frequently use Google Translate. For named enemies, I usually just make them up - but have a theme for each "race". If I was going with an Orc type enemy, I'd use something like Skulltaker Kagomak or whatever. The less "human" an enemy, the wilder I'll get with...
  17. AsuranFish

    Your favorite "first boss" in a jrpg?

    If the footage is as good as it looks - the first boss of the Final Fantasy VII Remake will blow them all away. Talk about starting with a bang.
  18. AsuranFish

    How Easy Should It Be to "Break" a Game?

    I'm personally trying to avoid gamebreaks in my game, and have actively taken measures to avoid them. I might allow something like a weapon that has Added Effect: Death, but it'll probably have a lowish proc rate. In my game, Stun is a key mechanic, as you're going to want to absolutely...
  19. AsuranFish

    "Ranged Attack" animation problem (Action Sequence incl.)

    After playing with this for quite some time - I've determined that there's no setting I can input that will make this work for both Dragon Bones and standard enemies. However, I think I have an idea that may work - but I'm not sure exactly what I need to put in to meet the condition...
  20. AsuranFish

    Help With Dark Knight Skills

    I don’t have my laptop handy, but if you can’t set enemy HP as a conditional’s... condition... ...couldn’t you set a variable as the enemy’s HP, and then use variable as the conditional?

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