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  1. Share Your Games!

    Hey, this was super neat! You were right, very SCP, I really dug picking up the little H Pads to get more info on the creatures/different logs from crew members! I used to be real into SCP so this was a fun blast of nostalgia! I gave Gacha Hell a try, & it was very interesting! I can see...
  2. Share Your Games!

    Hello everyone! I am very new to the RPG Maker community, so hopefully I placed this in the right thread! I'm a huge fan of horror, mystery, drama, comedy, visual novel, & puzzle style games, and wondered if anyone had any games in these styles they'd like to share! I've only really played...
  3. RMMV Text Fading In as it Appears in Box Plugin?

    Wow, thanks so much! I greatly appreciate it! I really need as much help as I can get!
  4. RMMV Text Fading In as it Appears in Box Plugin?

    Hello! I am very very new to this forums and forums in general, so I hope I placed this in the right discussion. I'm really sorry if I haven't! But I was wondering; I'm a big fan of the Science Adventure series, as is probably clear from my username, and am currently making a project similar...

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yours Ryan.
I am new here first day ,how to make a game for google play store on Android I am using android mobile .I don't have coding knowledge too .so what are steps to create a game on mobile Android I don't have PC or laptop .any suggestions or guide please .
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