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  1. (RMMV) How to make this damage system?

    @MushroomCake28 @Silva Silva's solution is exactly what I needed for the magic, the system is now working pretty much exactly how I wanted, thank you both so much!
  2. (RMMV) How to make this damage system?

    @MushroomCake28 (Today I learned I can @ people lol) I guess I'm just not sure I understand how exactly spells are going to work with this? Every weapon would have an individual damage, which in this case would be the renamed 'luck' stat as a variable. But spells aren't equipped as weapons...
  3. (RMMV) How to make this damage system?

    Oh I didn't mean that there'd *be* a requirement, I just meant that this system would essentially *act* like a sort of 'soft requirement', since you can still use the weapon, but it's not as strong if you didn't put points towards the attack (Same with spells). I'll definitely give this all a...
  4. (RMMV) How to make this damage system?

    First off I know the title isn't the most specific in the world, but this idea is a bit complicated and I have no idea how to sum it up in a short title, so forgive me for that please! With that out of the way, I've got an idea for my first real project, though at the moment it's more of a...

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