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  1. RMMV Custom party name based on leader?

    Both of these work, thank you both!
  2. RMMV Custom party name based on leader?

    I know the MV standard is to change the party name by displaying the name of the actor in the leader position (Harold's party becoming Therese's party if Therese is the party leader, etc), but is there any way to have a completely unique party name based on who's leading? For example, Harold...

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Love when everythings been fine. So I decide "hey, lets run the prologue events".. why are things now freezing at a point for no reason when nothings changed *flips table*
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I am new here first day ,how to make a game for google play store on Android I am using android mobile .I don't have coding knowledge too .so what are steps to create a game on mobile Android I don't have PC or laptop .any suggestions or guide please .
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