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  1. RMMV Gacha Plugin Mentioned at RPG Maker MV Help Page

    I was looking at the RMMV Help Page and i see that there is a gacha plug-in mentioned but there is no gacha plug-in in the files,anyone know how to access it?
  2. RMMV which plugins i need to do this kind of battle system

    thanks,looks like it's gonna work
  3. RMMV which plugins i need to do this kind of battle system

    let me describe the battle system first;When it's your you press ENTER it attacks,when you press it twice it attacks twice,when you press ENTER thrice it attacks thrice,it goes like this.When you press X it guards,when you press S it opens the skills menu and the I it opens the Item
  4. choosing items

    sorry for responding late,no i didn't...
  5. choosing items

    this is how my event page looks like,can you pls explain when i add the commands,i'm new to rpg maker so i can't understand easily
  6. choosing items

    what's the plugin name?
  7. choosing items

    so i have a part in my game that you choose an item to put it in trash.So you choose the item and a text will appear says "Trash crumpled paper?" for example.but i don't know how to make the text say the name of the choosen item,how to solve this?
  8. RMMV plugin not working but actually working

    thanks but problem solved
  9. RMMV plugin not working but actually working

    i add game upgrade by SRDude plugin to my game but whenever i playtest it says "RangeError Maximum call stack size exceeded" but when i remove the plugin the error text doesn't show up Anyone knows that how to solve this?

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