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  1. BlackMage

    Lune Item Grid

    So Resident Evil 4 Remake was just released, and I remembered that I made an addon for this script. Lune Item Grid - Size Upgrade Addon So this addon makes you can upgrade the inventory size after the game is started. And that's all I guess. Make sure that the new grid size is at least the...
  2. BlackMage

    Recovering Lost Scripts

    Anyone have Smoooch or Smooooch EVO script from Moghunter? I've been looking for it for a while but no luck. Here are the links before the site went down:
  3. BlackMage

    Easy Steal Skill Plugin

    My friend asks me to make an addon for this plugin to make it able to steal from the weapon and armor database. I thought many people would also like the feature, so here's the addon: If TS/OP saw this by chance...
  4. BlackMage

    How many options max in a title menu?

    I think the non-darker one is better in this case.
  5. BlackMage

    How many options max in a title menu?

    I like the new title. Looks cleaner and easier to digest. However, the submenu looks too flashy compared with the title screen with all those floating ringed orbs.
  6. BlackMage

    [Solved] Is there a way to change the position of a Window from within an Event?

    I don't think there is a way to do this by default, but I think I have a solution for your problem through a bit of script editing. I will assume this is the script used to change the gold window position. Change line 110, that is: @gold_window.y = Graphics.height - @gold_window.height into...
  7. BlackMage


    I was encountering this problem in RMVXA choice options. Here's a script that I derived from it for RMVX title screen options: Perhaps I should make one for RMVXA too. :unsure:
  8. BlackMage

    Can you do videos in the engine

    Based on the help files, they specified to only prepare WebM files for windows. Dunno if it's a bad phrasing or mistranslation or something else, but if that is correct, I believe that means mp4 does not work on Windows.
  9. BlackMage

    Digimon World Ace: The Lost Symbols - NOW RECRUITING BACKUPS!

    Hi there @magnaangemon01 . It's been a long time since I saw you. :) The project is not canceled yet, I'll DM you for more info regarding this matter.
  10. BlackMage

    How do you add a custom message box to rpg Maker xp?

    IIRC, this should work: Put your custom message box in Graphics/Pictures folder, set the window to be transparent on your message event command, and show the picture before the message event command.
  11. BlackMage


    Hi Andre! Welcome to the forum!
  12. BlackMage

    Caterpillar effect in xp

    There's Heretic's Caterpillar script that you might want to try. :)
  13. BlackMage

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to the Forum, asm_demon! :)
  14. BlackMage

    Looking for Rpg Maker games to Let's Play.

    Hi silkelly! Since you enjoy RPG maker games in the Horror genre, you might like Cursed Mansion (It's still a demo, though). Here's a trailer for the game, in case you're interested: Thanks in advance if you're doing an LP of it! XD
  15. BlackMage

    Best way to change NPCs around when re-visiting a map?

    No, all done with command event, switches/variables, and event pages. For the issue, you can apply a switch instead of erasing the autorun event (or make the autorun become a common event, thus we can call it whenever we need it). When the player is going to save, add the fade-out again, save...
  16. BlackMage

    Hey everyone!

    Welcome to the forum, pickedylans! I hope you enjoy your stay here. XD
  17. BlackMage

    Best way to change NPCs around when re-visiting a map?

    I use the variable that control the story (or something like that). Usually when teleporting, I make the screen fade-out, and when we're on the next map, I have an autorun event that took care of everything (like teleporting the NPC). After everything is set, I fade-in the screen and erase the...
  18. BlackMage

    New to the maker

    Welcome, Yougotsomechocolate! I love chocolate !
  19. BlackMage

    A Challenger Approaches

    Welcome to the forum, Dawar!
  20. BlackMage

    Hi Guys

    Welcome to the forum, Sorcerer! I hope you enjoy your stay. :)

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