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  1. SleepyGremlin

    Cooking/Crafting System?

    I'm glad it was all clear and readable :'D (I was a little bit worried, I tend to ramble) I'm not in any immediate rush at all so I'd be very happy to wait! Thank you so much for taking an interest! (And thank you for the links to the other crafting systems, there's one there I didn't find so...
  2. SleepyGremlin

    Cooking/Crafting System?

    I’ve found plenty of beautiful little crafting and cooking systems for VX Ace, but when it comes to RMXP, I haven't really been able to find a script that works this particular way. I know this is something I could do (to a degree) with eventing (I recall making a start on a sort of similiar...
  3. SleepyGremlin

    Variable Calendar/Weather System

    @Selchar Don't worry about the delay - I wasn't able to get up the "HALP!" until an hour ago, so you came back pretty quickly! Just put the code in and it works without any issue! Thank you so so much Selchar! :'D You're making a silly, long-term dream/project of mine come true with all these...
  4. SleepyGremlin

    Variable Calendar/Weather System

    @Selchar Sorry, I should have pasted up the error, but it pretty much came down to the "or". But thank you very much for adjusting the code, especially with a seasonal purge rather than a monthly! EDIT: Alright, I placed the code you provided me with into a copy of the demo, and got this error...
  5. SleepyGremlin

    Variable Calendar/Weather System

    Hey Selchar first of all, amazing work on the script and the HM demo! It's so much fun to tinker with, and your code's are always easy to read. I wanted to ask about the code for "HM Farm" in the demo. Say I wanted 12 months of the year, but each month was grouped into a specific season (for...

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