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  1. Common Event Conditional Branch Switch off script call not working?

    Thx a lot! Really appreciate it. I really need to learn how to code and such. Feel free to close this.
  2. Common Event Conditional Branch Switch off script call not working?

    I'm using Victor's ATB Script, and I'm wanting to make a Common Event where there's a switch, and when said switch is turned on, the ATB is set to 'Active' mode. And when its off, its set to 'Wait(semi-wait)'. (Like in the Final Fantasy games.) However, I've been trying everything, and for some...
  3. Victor Active Time Battle system bug

    Ok, little update, and sorry for the extremely late response. I actually did find a fix for it. I just didn't look deep enough. I found the fix thanks to this: Thx for helping though. Although Victor really does need to...
  4. Victor Active Time Battle system bug

    Ah ok. The first method shouldn't work then because I made a new project, added in the script, and didn't edit anything else, and it showed the error when I tried to run away. So how would I make it to tell the script to use Actor *Insert Number* ID so it can work or something like that?
  5. Victor Active Time Battle system bug

    Ok, so I set the 'VE_ATB_ESCAPE_TYPE' as key, and for some reason, when I press L and R (Q and W) while in battle to test out the running away being set as key, this error appears. Does anyone know how to fix this? I've seen some people get this error and they haven't found a solution.

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