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  1. Map Generator

    Is someone still working on this? If you are, can I ask you to try and find a way to make this compatible with the FPLE plugin? Instead of choosing among the autotiles, just take the tile specified at the coordinates (x0,y1 etc) and make the dungeon with it.
  2. [RMMV] DragonBones 2d Animation Integration

    OK I made this work and it's fine. I can make animations appear on the map. Great. Now, I'm trying to see if I can make some visual armors out of this. Can somebody help me into changing slots from the DragonBone files? Or do I have to make a different character for every suit of armor I make?
  3. [RMMV] DragonBones 2d Animation Integration

    Oh. Oh this is nice. Guys, do you know if we can use skins? As in visual equipment? Let's say I equip a helmet, armor and weapon and I have different sprites for all these, can I make it show on my toon? Also, can we use dragonbone animations on the menu? If I'm using a bust menu, for...
  4. Change region on event touch.

    @Shaz, once again you come to the rescue. Thank you. BTW, I figured out what I did wrong on the random variable thing, but I ended up doing it with events instead because I couldn't figure out how to actually change the item you receive when a switch is on. Your insistence on having me figure...
  5. Change region on event touch.

    I wouldn't mind if it doesn't survive the map change. The player is not meant to return to that map on the same play through. I'm gonna see if I use more events, but I kinda want to use the less events possible since the game has a lot of random things happening and I want to keep it sane and as...
  6. Change region on event touch.

    Hello everyone! I got another small pickle. Look at this screenshot. Region 120 are set as pitfalls. Whenever the player touches those, they fall and it's gameover. You see the two bridge events on the bottom platform? I'm using the Pick Up and Throw plugin to be able to pick them up...
  7. Any clever kids, here? Help me solve how to randomly generate variable results without duplicates.

    Oh damnit. This is the full code I have on my .js file: function GetRandomElement() { var PotMix = []; if(PotMix.length==0) { for(var i=0; i<5; i+=1) { PotMix.push(i)...
  8. Any clever kids, here? Help me solve how to randomly generate variable results without duplicates.

    Yes, I thought of that. I set them up for a few dozens for now. I still can't get them to fill. They always return 0. EDIT: Sorry. but I gave up. I used your solution in a script call straight from an event. I'll call the event every time the player is to enter the dungeon and that's that...
  9. Any clever kids, here? Help me solve how to randomly generate variable results without duplicates.

    Thanks a lot for your help, @Astfgl66. Yeah, I read your answer before edit, and got a new idea. Still wonky, though. Here's the code I rewrote: var PotMix = []; function generateNumbers() { for(var i=0; i<5; i+=1) {...
  10. Any clever kids, here? Help me solve how to randomly generate variable results without duplicates.

    Hello everybody! So I asked for help in the maker forums because I need to be able to identify potions by consuming them. The potions' effects are randomized each time you get in the dungeon. So you have 5 potions, 5 different effects, first time in the dungeon, the Red Potion heals you...
  11. Identify item by consuming it.

    Thank you, @Shaz Yes, I was thinking of something like that. I have problems randomizing the potions and keeping it that way for the duration of the game, though. The game is meant to be played multiple times in sessions. It's kind of a rogue-like. So each time you get in the dungeon, potions...
  12. Identify item by consuming it.

    Hey guys, another head scratcher! I want to have different potions that you can find in the dungeons, which gives a random effect (some beneficial, some not-so-good). The only way you can figure out what each potion does is by consuming it. The potions are randomized on each playthrough...
  13. Multiple Windows/Resize Map area

    Thank you. I tried something similar. The problem is that when you walk, it's centered on the whole game window. I want to move the game walk area, shift left so it's off-center the main game window. If you look at my picture on my first post. I want to use the game window as it's default size...
  14. Multiple Windows/Resize Map area

    Yeah, how do we go about that? I want to resize the main viewport to a square so I have some space left for the HUD.
  15. Multiple Windows/Resize Map area

    Hello everybody! I'm trying to make a h.u.d. with different parts of the screen relaying persistent information. I don't want to obscure the map, though, so I want to resize the map camera to a smaller square. Here take a look at this: Something like that. 3 or 4 sections with each...

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