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  1. Arcainess

    Rules Ideas That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread

    So im making a rpg game on the PS4 using a game called Dreams. What section of the site would I use to post updates? I.E images, youtube video links etc.
  2. Arcainess

    Combat Grid System. Paid Request

    Ah ok thank you for the reply. Feel free to delete this thread and I shall continue posting.
  3. Arcainess

    Combat Grid System. Paid Request

    Hey all I am in need of a script for my up coming game adventurer realm. What I need is a different combat system and understanding it’s not a simple request I am willing to pay the person who makes the plugin for me and I shall be descriptive as possible as there is alot I want to do with this...
  4. Arcainess

    RMMV Afar the MMORPG

    3.5 hours to work? my word thats insane! yeah I defo recommend looking for a place closer to home. I tried the beta and here is my thoughts. When I logged into the game I felt a bit lost as to what I should do next? Maybe When the player starts the game it goes straight into a convo with a...
  5. Arcainess

    MMORPG my idea and what would you like to see?

    Ok thanks ^^ I've also updated the tread to make it easier on the eye.
  6. Arcainess

    MMORPG my idea and what would you like to see?

    Yeah I've used Eclipse before and I found easy to use. Also added the games Lore as well.
  7. Arcainess

    MMORPG my idea and what would you like to see?

    Good day one and I hope your all having a lovely day. Not many of you know me or even heard of me for that matter but my name is Arcainess, Martin Arcainess. I've been playing around with RPG maker for many years but never realised a game due busy lifestyle, work, etc and all that. Well I've...
  8. Arcainess

    Quasi ABS

    Hmm I've installed the plugin and update the 3 scripts from page 20. Now the error I'm getting is when I play test it, the game will load up then automatically closes itself then other times just a black screen and nothing. Got no other plugins involved. Also really nice script you done. I...
  9. Arcainess

    RMMV Afar the MMORPG

    Hello \o  I would love to help out :D  I'll test for you right away.  I'm a keen MMO player, currently playing FF XIV at the moment.  Also I would love to start my own MMO some day ^^

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