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  1. I would like some golems!!!

    Amazing...thanks a lot...
  2. I would like some golems!!!

    Looks good...could you please draw it on the other positions and the small movements too? Like this...I'd really apreciate it =)
  3. I would like some golems!!!

    Hello there...thanks for your game uses mostly rpg maker vx ace rtp it should look like the rtp...I just need this sprite because vx ace doesn't have a golem in the rtp =( it just needs to be gray/light blue with green eyes...other thant that just needs to look like...
  4. I would like some golems!!!

    (Bump) I still need the sprites...if anybody is willing to help me I would really appreciate =)
  5. I would like some golems!!!

    Resource Type: I need character sprites for golems...facing down, left, right and up. In the standard character size (not the tall ones or the big ones, just the 3x4 size) Maker Format: Rpgmaker vx ace Makers I Own: Rpgmaker vx ace Art Style: Ace RTP style Description: I need golems, they...
  6. How do I use a damage formula for damage on the overworld?

    I've done it....I just used the first formula and put it in a conditional branch that checked if the agility was high enough to make the damage zero, in that case you just take 0 damage =) thanks, it's working now
  7. How do I use a damage formula for damage on the overworld?

    I think there is a problem...I've tested it with 50 agility and it healed me lol...probably because the variable went to the negatives...I need it to deal 1 damage if the stats is greater than necessary...
  8. How do I use a damage formula for damage on the overworld?

    I want my character to take damage on the overworld based on a damage goes like this damage: 2 - AGI +1 Basically there is a fixed damage that is decreased by the characters agility stat, but the minimum damage is 1...I got the agility as a variable if that helps, but I don't know...
  9. Make character takes damage everytime it moves

    Hello there...I've actually already figured it out by using lunatic effects to cause 1 flat hp damage on poison and by decreasing the number of steps to consider a turn by now I take 1hp damage every time a walk...sorry...I was thinking about this for literally an hour and then the idea...
  10. Make character takes damage everytime it moves

    I would like to create an event (preferably a "common event" but anything else that can help is fine) that deals 1 point of damage to the main character everytime it moves...this must happen constantly as the entire game revolves around this... Basically the character HP will work as a "timer"...
  11. How to make a skill that decreases enemies stats by a flat number? (or formula)

    I want to create a skill that decreases enemy stats...unfurtunately vx ace either gives you the options for debbufs that decrease stats by a percentage, or it only gives the option to increase it permanently, and not decreasing it... I want to have the ability to decrease enemies stats by a...
  12. How to remove stats from equipement screen

    It added there...but there's seems to be some overlaping text... Just for reference...the name of the stats in my game are: Health - MaxHp Magic - MaxMp Damage - Attack Defense - Defense Speed - Agility Skill - Luck so aparently speed and skill is overlaping with damage and...
  13. How to remove stats from equipement screen

    Hello...sorry to bother again...if possible can I add Max HP and Max MP to that screen?
  14. How to remove stats from equipement screen

    I am getting an error...I may be putting it on the wrong place... This is the error I am getting This is where I've put it Edit: Nevermind...I don't know why I thought I would need to edit something instead of creating a new place for it under the "materials" worked...
  15. response attacks

    I believe the script in this topic is what you want...I haven't used this I can't really help you any further...but it doesn't seem very complicated to use (hime's scripts are usually easy to configure)
  16. How to remove stats from equipement screen

    Hello...I've been trying to remove "MAT " and "MDF" from my will only use "Damage" and "Defense" so "Magic" and "Magic Defense" are useless to my game...I need to remove these stats from the equepement screen...I've managed to remove it from the status screen...but I don't know how to...
  17. Is there a way (or script) to be able to target anybody with any actions in battle?

    That is what I meant...I've tried to find a script to it but couldn't find one...I had found one but it is no longe available =(
  18. Is there a way (or script) to be able to target anybody with any actions in battle?

    Like in latter FF games, I would like to be able to attack my own characters, or use items or cast healing spells on the there a way to do it?
  19. Name overlap when targeting enemies.

    Well...disabling the battle HUD actually worked...=( but I would like to keep it in the...what would be next step? Ins't there a way to decrease the font size? Maybe that could help...
  20. Name overlap when targeting enemies.

    I am not using any HUD script...I just made modifications to the games graphics files ti make it like is just a graphical change and I didn't need any script for it... Edit: I mean...the characters sprites are from a script called "Battle HUD EX" by moghunter...but that doesn't affect...

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