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  1. orochii

    how do i fix this error?

    Can you undo changes to either the first error, or prior to it? What was the initial issue you wanted to try and solve?
  2. orochii

    OZZ's Actor Summoning

    You can summon one same actor once, but not twice. Like if you do idk summon wolf familiar, the skill summons one specific actor defined in the database so it will not create a clone or summon a different actor.
  3. orochii

    Random Thought: Event System Demos?

    Back in early 2000s it was very common in Spanish sites. I think I can still find a bunch of what we called "examples". Like, I was late for the party but I did do a couple of them, one for making a bank and another one very incomplete for a battle system sort of thing. As you can imagine from...
  4. orochii

    OZZ Simple Menu

    The "Variable background" setting uses a variable ID. Here's the part of the documentation that explains how it works. * ABOUT VARIABLE BACKGROUND * ------------------------- * You can control what background is displayed by selecting a variable * index in this option. * If there is a set...
  5. orochii

    OZZ Simple Menu

    Yeah, the plugin completely removes the Status window. It doesn't hide it or anything. It gets rid of it. So when you select stuff like formation, equip, skills, status, the engine will complain. Basically go to the System tab in the Database and remove those options. I should probably have...
  6. orochii

    OZZ's Actor Summoning

    Right now there's no way to summon after you get to the max party size (btw the max party size is something I didn't want to overwrite, but I tried to reuse it in a way that other plugins doing it should still allow you to change it). I understand the use however, I'll take a look into it. The...
  7. orochii

    OZZ's SMT Enemy Recruitment

    I've observed this, left it for now as it's kind of a bigger issue because I need to check what demons are being summoned in the turn, and somehow make that work with active-battles too. Kinda have an idea but... yeah. This is something I neglected, there's one piece of information missing...
  8. orochii

    OZZ's SMT Enemy Recruitment

    Right now it uses the formation menu for that, since the benched/stock demons are basically your inactive party members. You can move characters in or out of the party and reorder just like in the default menus, and by selecting the same twice you add/remove the selected actor to/from the party...
  9. orochii

    OZZ's SMT Enemy Recruitment

    This is version 3. This includes bugfixes and the introduction of stat formulas, which enables more customization than a simple % raise per level. The default comes preconfigured to a formula that does the same (tho it's a bit less intuitive of where to replace the % you want to raise). I hope...
  10. orochii

    OZZ's SMT Enemy Recruitment

    Hi! Do you have a link to Alistair's plugin? I'd need to check on his terms and conditions first before promising either a compatibility patch or a fix to my own. I think. Unless I can somehow guess well enough without looking . Kinda have a suspicion of what's happening. Glad you figured it...
  11. orochii

    OZZ's SMT Enemy Recruitment

    Update! The following issues have been fixed. DONE Fusion menu, check if no demons. DONE Fusion without result crash. DONE Skill filtering in result window. DONE Check for space before summoning. DONE Return on death. DONE Implement duplicity clause (?). I'm still seeing what's happening with...
  12. orochii

    OZZ's SMT Enemy Recruitment

    I will update it on Github. I'll make a post announcing the update too. As for manually dismiss, currently there's no option on the menu (I could do one). There's a command to remove a demon, but it'd need some sort of menu or something, and in order to make a custom menu through eventing it...
  13. orochii

    OZZ's SMT Enemy Recruitment

    Huh, I thought I had accounted for duplicity, guess I didn't lol, only for the example recruitment event. I'll be ironing out all those errors around this week, already fixed some but will finish with the rest between today and tomorrow unless something happens. I'll update when those are...
  14. orochii

    OZZ's SMT Enemy Recruitment

    Hi :kaopride: I forgot to check for that, sorry! I also forgot to check for that, also sorry! Currently there's no way to filter them out but doesn't sound like a hard thing to add. Will do! Not as it is, but I think it should be simple to just disable the summon skill when you have a full...
  15. orochii

    OZZ's SMT Enemy Recruitment

    I haven't done any special actor management system in general, right now it's piggybacking from the default formation option in the default menu, should also be compatible with any plugin that does anything with that. The system doesn't clone actors, instead it adds a new property to them...
  16. orochii

    Things you're proud of in your game

    I'm proud that I'm still kicking.
  17. orochii

    How do the text codes \| and \. actually work?

    If you want time precission, you get rid of processor cycles and measure how much time has elapsed since something happened. Or if you already have a process that's measuring time for you in some way (i.e. a sound playback), sometimes you can ask that process for their current time. But it's...
  18. orochii

    [How to] create APK file in RPG Maker MZ

    If you can deploy to web, you can. See this thing if you are able to deploy to web. Takes a bit to set things up but it's like 100 times easier now than back when you had to use Crosswalk and stuff. Otherwise no, you (technically) can't.
  19. orochii

    Your ambition with RPG Maker

    I just make shiz to entertain my brain. :)
  20. orochii

    Motivation, Naysayers, Finding a niche

    I don't know the meaning of naysayer. That's how.

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