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  1. TRADE Editor/Translator/Coding services for Video-Editing

    Hey! Have you considered posting your request on a freelance job site like Upwork or Fiverr? You might be able to find someone there who can help with video editing and subtitle creation while you offer your language and coding skills in return. Alternatively, look for a video editing and...
  2. BlackJack (21)

    Wow, this blackjack game you made sounds so exciting and unique! Adding life points and special skills as bets add a whole new level of strategy to the classic game.

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grief rpg maker... why oh why did I have to jump through like 30 hoops to (hopefully) have fixed the engine targeting ko'd people during multi hit/random attacks?
I finally finished the wrong clue death scene. So at least the player can see something cool before they get a Game Over. Prolly be less cool if they have to keep watching it repeatedly.
It's important for your party of adventurers to be harmonious and united.

Me: I'm a good writer.

Also me: Creates skill, item, and equipment names like ...
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