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  1. deus69xxx

    I changed "math.floor()" into "math.round()" in "rpg_objects" does it have any side effects?

    floor function rounds down to the integer, round rounds like you would normally, toward the closest integer. so, if you set a decimal in the variable, it will round it to the nearest integer, such as 1.14 will just be 1, 1.62 will be 2. floor will just make both of those numbers 1.
  2. deus69xxx

    Elemental magic Balancing. How would you do it?

    people starting to go crazy with elements o.O one of the simplest ways to deal with them is to have 'sets'. earth, fire, water, wind is a set. thunder, ice, light, dark, poison is a set. piercing, bludgeoning, slashing is a set, etc, etc. give diametric oppositions, then, start choosing when...
  3. deus69xxx

    RMMV Skill Creation Plugin

    if the first version of what i read that as is what you're looking for, i'm not too sure there is or will be a plugin for that: i don't think there's a way for a player to "create a new skill" for the database. leveling skills there are plugins for, but not that. now if the second way i read...
  4. deus69xxx

    I think that this forum's member posts should include their pronoun

    that is your answer. "they" is not a specifically owned pronoun, regardless of if anyone wants to be referred to by it, it's very specifically referring to a particular someone regardless of sex. i just use they in almost all instances, regardless, because it's is in all instances 100% accurate.
  5. deus69xxx

    RMMV How would I make a plug in call to change a variable? (I guess)

    i understand what everyone else usually does, however, i don't make plugins for others, i specifically alter the things i need for my game :) there are certain things that i use outside plugins for, and some things i just go into the source and alter what i need. for instance, i will go in and...
  6. deus69xxx

    RMMV How would I make a plug in call to change a variable? (I guess)

    actually, the thing with $dataItems[27].occasion=3; does work precisely how i want it to, i'm using it in another game, it's how i make "tents" useable on the world map and at save points. i change the occasion to 2 when entering a no tent area, or stepping off a save point. or maybe the...
  7. deus69xxx

    RMMV How would I make a plug in call to change a variable? (I guess)

    well, since this happens to be IN the learning javascript section... my plan is to use an event to alter a number of things at once, and i'm just trying to get down how to get it there. so, here are some things. i use events to change this variable, $dataItems[27].occasion=3; when i'm...
  8. deus69xxx

    RMMV How would I make a plug in call to change a variable? (I guess)

    it's not a plugin of anyone else's. and yeah, now i feel dumb, that would definitely be a script call. got a location here where i'd post for assistance with that? xD seems simple, having a "plugin" of my own that's basically a replacement of what i mentioned that i can turn on and off at will.
  9. deus69xxx

    RMMV How would I make a plug in call to change a variable? (I guess)

    I'm actually not sure how I should have asked this. Simple in theory, but I don't quite get plugin making, so here it goes: I would like to be able to make a call that changes a variable. Not a game variable, but one in a 'plugin.' I would like to change it so that if that variable is a...
  10. deus69xxx

    Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy?

    final fantasy is about the whole story, which is most of the reason i play RPG's, so they get the win here. i cannot discount dragon quest though, as there IS a generally overarching story to be told, they're just notably... random when getting there. (DQ3 is a perfect example of that). final...
  11. deus69xxx

    Using Switches to end separate/multiple events

    Very quick primer on events for you. this may sound a hair confusing until you read the second part: events will READ from right to left. the stricter the condition, the farther right. so, if you have an event that starts out on the screen and you chat with it, page 1 should be button. if this...
  12. deus69xxx

    Help making Boss monster ability - VX ACE

    this is based on if you can get enemy values in battle: you could create a page that's called each turn. have it choose a random number, and if that number is >= what you decide (say, random number 1-15, if it's 11 or higher then...)have it add to a variable the amount of hp of each remaining...
  13. deus69xxx

    When to seal a skill or skill type in RPG Maker battles?

    i'm not 100% on what you're asking, but sealing skills/skill types usually shouldn't carry over out of battle, unless it's a specific thing, like silence persisting out of battle sealing all skills that are 'magic'. anything that seals non-magic skills, like... i dunno, 'disable' should...
  14. deus69xxx

    RMMZ Is there a way to force a character to cast a spell out of battle?

    i don't THINK so, but it wouldn't be hard to event an equivalent. choose the character, play the animation on the event location you want it at, subtract some MP.
  15. deus69xxx

    I wanna make a game from RTP, anyone can give me advice to make a good simple RPG game?

    consider the very beginning of dragon quest 3. it's got a castle, a town, a village, an island with a tower that holds a key to opening some locked doors, a cave that leads to the tower and the castle jail and to a spot near the village, another cave you need explosives behind a locked door in...
  16. deus69xxx

    [RMMV] ship tileset

    check out avery's stuff, there's a good side view ship you can mess around with. i'll hunt for it, and edit this with a link. page...
  17. deus69xxx

    What is the most important aspect of an engaging Battle System?

    wat? that is precisely the point of gaining levels and equipment in RPG's. if your stats don't increase, your characters essentially stagnate. there are niche cases where that works, but even those give you 'upgrades' of some sort to make you stronger (the sample game from RPG Maker 3 on PS2)...
  18. deus69xxx


    This is becoming a s#$tshow lol. to the original point of the thread, super bosses are fine. they are added content. they are not necessary to a plot, but usually have some relevance in the overarching story (see FF7 and the Weapons). or, they're hidden creatures of note in the world (looking...
  19. deus69xxx

    What is the most important aspect of an engaging Battle System?

    I cannot vote on this. too narrow. I believe there's a combination of mechanics and skill design to be considered. you want a battle system that allows the players to use their skills, be able to beat lower class battles, but have your boss fights mean something. consider. in final fintasy 6...
  20. deus69xxx

    How to check player proximity to event

    Might check YEP_EventChasePlayer. it has a distance option, and some activation options, i don't think it actually HAS to chase anyone.

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