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  1. TheOddFellow

    Announcement Tragic News Regarding Prominent Forum Member

    I have neither the right words nor memories to bestow upon hearing this tragedy. I would hope his family remains well and I pray he be at peace.
  2. TheOddFellow

    RMMV Fire Emblem Essentials MV [Project is cancelled]

    I literally just bought the SRPG Maker not an hour ago. Is that what you're talking about?
  3. TheOddFellow

    What was the first RPG you ever played, and what was the oldest?

    First game is: Illusion of Gaia (1993) Oldest game is: Legend of Zelda (1986) [Unasked for] Favorite game is: Final Fantasy VII (1997) (I wish the remake came out on Xbox already.)
  4. TheOddFellow

    For solo developers, how do you make a game?

    I'm truly flabbergasted at the myriad of responses I've received on this forum. Once again, thanks. I'm now convinced that this post could extend towards eternity, and I would leave it open, so long as it's allowed. On the flip side; I've decided to make compromises (very small, I hate doing...
  5. TheOddFellow

    For solo developers, how do you make a game?

    I want to thank everyone for taking their time to answer my question; the response was much greater than I expected! I've been having a difficult time finishing any project and it's nice to hear all the different ways everyone is combating / has combated issues which held back the game You...
  6. TheOddFellow

    RMMV Spriters, Hope's blooming dawn

    This looks great! Seeing the characters (in the main post) gives me major early-day Battleon nostalgia!
  7. TheOddFellow

    For solo developers, how do you make a game?

    I'm so glad to have gotten so many responses! It's encouraging knowing how everyone is finding their own way, and the many different stages everyone is on. Thanks for taking your time to answer my little question, I feel I can carry on!
  8. TheOddFellow

    Predict Attacks from the Enemy?

    I'm trying to create a "boss monster" which would be too difficult for the PC to defeat if the attacks were random, and thus, make them predictable. (Such as with FFX's turn-based combat.) But, may also allow the player to learn the best move to make using the moves they have available to best...
  9. TheOddFellow

    For solo developers, how do you make a game?

    Hello everyone. The title is the nugget, but I would like to expound on it. And what I mean is; the graphics, the story, the music, the animation—every part of a story. How do you do it? See, I've had this game idea for years and I've been picking away at it. I know how it's supposed to look in...
  10. TheOddFellow

    Transferring Players without having to resort to tiny hallways

    Thanks everyone! I'll have to try each method and see which would fit best for my project. Now I can feel a little more freedom with my map design without sending the player off in a random, unwalkable ledge.
  11. TheOddFellow

    Hello everyone... Again.

    That sounds awful. I'm glad this community has mostly survived. I came back and saw Yanfly retired years ago and was deeply saddened. (I've had a lot happen over the years.) Thanks! It was pretty late last night and I was sure this topic existed in some forum or another. It wouldn't feel truly...
  12. TheOddFellow

    Transferring Players without having to resort to tiny hallways

    Hello, everyone. The Transfer Player is quite restrictive, but easily fixed with tiny hallways, which I would like to avoid. Does anyone know of another fix for this? Thank you for your time.
  13. TheOddFellow

    Hello everyone... Again.

    I'm by no means new to RPG Maker, but I'm not much of a poster. I've always been more of a lurker, but I've never finished anything that way, so, I'm going to try being a part of the community. Anyways, I figured I would start here. So, how is everyone else?
  14. TheOddFellow

    Thanks RPG Maker Community

    I'm glad to see this community is still as welcoming as I remember it. Welcome!
  15. TheOddFellow

    The Touch the Stars Game Jam Starts Now! $2k in Prizes!

    Just found this contest and got back into RPG Maker. I'm just putting a reply here so I can see what games are made. Can't wait to see what is made!
  16. TheOddFellow

    Nothing like an IGMC contest to get those creative juices flowing.

    Nothing like an IGMC contest to get those creative juices flowing.
  17. TheOddFellow

    RMMV Fire Emblem Essentials MV [Project is cancelled]

    Hope things work out well for you! No rush, just support! Ps. I know how difficult an FE system is because I made a psuedo-working one in a month (not worth releasing at all...) So, good luck, man!
  18. TheOddFellow

    [MV] Get any map's height/width

    This seems... Awfully complex... Or, perhaps the answer to my question requires as such. My maps will be changing a lot, and I needed a simple way to teleport only using different maps widths and heights. Like; "$gameVariables.value()" or the like?
  19. TheOddFellow

    [MV] Get any map's height/width

    Question: How can I get the width and height of any map within my game? "$dataMap.height" and "$dataMap.width" will get the data only of the map I am currently on. I've tried using IDs in multiple ways to access data to maps I have previously made, but to no avail. I've searched a lot of...
  20. TheOddFellow

    RMMV Destiny Calls: Sacrilege

    This art. The Final Fantasy-styled name. You leave just enough mystery and potential conflict to make the game interesting, and I love how you've changed how the menu. Can't wait to try a demo.

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