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  1. SilhouetteNoir

    Party ABS

    Is there a script just like Falcao Pearl ABS? I want my followers to attack nearby enemies themselves without me controlling them.
  2. SilhouetteNoir

    Composite Characters / In-game Character Creation

    I try changing the actor graphic to a swimming graphic and when I go to change it back to the actor's composite graphic, it doesn't change????
  3. SilhouetteNoir

    How do I call the main menu through a script?

    How do I call the main menu through a script?
  4. SilhouetteNoir

    Conditional Branch on how many people in party?

    Thank  you very much!! B)
  5. SilhouetteNoir

    Conditional Branch on how many people in party?

    Just wondering if its been done or can anyone help with it. I'm  making boulders and depending on how many people you have in your party lets you move it around. Please and THANK YOU!  :D
  6. SilhouetteNoir

    Advanced Game Time

    I set my cave to Notint and changed the tone when entering the cave, but when you leave the tint isn't restored from what it was previously. :/ ALL IS LOST!!
  7. SilhouetteNoir

    Advanced Game Time

    How do you save the tint from one map when transferring? I want it to be dark in a cave and when you leave, restore the previous tint. 
  8. SilhouetteNoir

    Composite Characters / In-game Character Creation

    My sprite doesn't have eyes when switching to a custom eye set. It shows up on the face graphic, but not the sprite???
  9. SilhouetteNoir

    Dash Stamina

    Be careful. They seem to go out of the border and get chopped off depending where you move it. I don't know how to fix that???
  10. SilhouetteNoir

    Dash Stamina

    You have to change lines 288:     Line 288: draw_stamina_bar(x, y, YES::DASH::WINDOW_WIDTH - 24) Note. The values have to match. For example:     LIne 288: draw_stamina_bar(-6, -6, YES::DASH::WINDOW_WIDTH - 24)
  11. SilhouetteNoir

    Basic Game Time + Night/Day

    I'm okay now. :P
  12. SilhouetteNoir

    Basic Game Time + Night/Day

    I need help!! I just want a time system under common events that goes like this: EARLY MORNING: 2-8 early morning switch on MORNING: 8-12 swicth on AFTERNOON: 12-5 switch on EVENING: 5-8 switch on NIGHT: 8-2 switch on *of course the other switches need to turn off when one turns on.
  13. SilhouetteNoir

    Advanced Climate

    how about lightning flashes while storming?
  14. SilhouetteNoir

    Saba Kan's Ao no Kiseki Battle System 0.28 (And Rokan's AT Bonus)

    Is there a way to just use the sidebar?

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