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    Congratulations! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

    Congratulations! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
  2. evil_exe

    Graphic Hacks! - Workarounds for everyone

    I like this type of thinking. Use what you have and the ressources you have access to, instead of being stopped doing stuff, just becauce of an "...if i only had *insert random term here*" :) Great ideas and suggestions up there, too!
  3. evil_exe

    Graphic Hacks part 2: Upcycling resources from older makers for MV - NO upscaling!

    Really cool and nice to know! Thanks for sharing, gonna check out pt. 1 now :)
  4. evil_exe

    ...maybe. Jokes aside: Nah, i just have a funky nickname :)

    ...maybe. Jokes aside: Nah, i just have a funky nickname :)
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Life is strange. I am currently in a train-the-trainer course for Fraud Docs and Counterfeiting Techniques. And our assignment last night was to make several counterfeit documents using simple tools like Paint and such. And I actually learned stuff that might be helpful in trying to make/edit things for RM assets. I don't think that is what the course developer had in mind! :)
Onward to more RM game dev glory.... in about 14 minutes. :LZSexcite:
grief rpg maker... why oh why did I have to jump through like 30 hoops to (hopefully) have fixed the engine targeting ko'd people during multi hit/random attacks?
I finally finished the wrong clue death scene. So at least the player can see something cool before they get a Game Over. Prolly be less cool if they have to keep watching it repeatedly.

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