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  1. wintyrbarnes


    Avery has a couple of padlocks on her MV/MZ icon sheet! They're a couple of rows below the keyboard key icons.
  2. wintyrbarnes


    Does SRD's Dynamic Actors plugin cover what you need? It was the first thing that came to mind, though it might not gel with what you've already been trying. Also, to deal with the layering issues brought up above, you could always use something (I'm not great on the actual JS mechanics, but...
  3. wintyrbarnes

    i'm working on finishing an old game in vx ace (the first game i tried to make in vx ace), and...

    i'm working on finishing an old game in vx ace (the first game i tried to make in vx ace), and it's making me realize how many things i've come to take for granted in mv (like the additional BCDE tile layer and the plugin manager).
  4. wintyrbarnes

    Walls like in 2k/3

    I think OcRam's passages plugin might be able to do what you need, or at least come the closest. It doesn't do it automatically like in 2k/3, but it does let you set map regions where you can walk under autotiles. I hope this helps!
  5. wintyrbarnes

    Torn Paintings for MV

    @stramin Those are perfect, thank you so much!
  6. wintyrbarnes

    Torn Paintings for MV

    Hi there! I've been looking high and low for the past couple of hours and haven't found what I'm looking for: torn paintings. I've found torn tapestries/banners, cobweb-covered paintings, bloodstained paintings, etc... but no paintings that have simply been torn or ripped open (I had an idea to...
  7. wintyrbarnes

    More statues?

    In terms of more unique/less RTP-style ones, Matt Beer has a few action-y ones and a big ol' naga. Bougainvillea also has a few on tilesets (for MV) 5 and 9 (including some really cool ones with a Satanic-esque aesthetic).
  8. wintyrbarnes

    More statues?

    Here's a good handful: Fuffydud (super cool, unique animal statues), Avery, cvrtis, Cyanide, Popnfizzle (a whole bunch, including covered in a variety of mosses and vines), Rhino, xSorrowxLight, & Starbird. Those are just off the top of my head/from a quick glance in my saved resources. I hope...
  9. wintyrbarnes

    MV Trees

    I reverse-searched the image you posted and found its source. The summary page image has the same trees in it, and credits Celianna. They look like Celianna's, but I can't find these exact ones on her site, so I think they might be part of a pack.
  10. wintyrbarnes

    hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    @J-G As far as I know, you'd have to redo the built-in generator from scratch to get it to work with the bigger templates. I'd recommend using Schlangan's Extended Generator. Aside from the bases, though, you'll have to find or make your own parts to fit (the default hair might be easier to edit...
  11. wintyrbarnes

    "Don't go here yet." or Extremely Blatant Roadblocks

    I don't really mind roadblocks for the most part, honestly. It just gets filtered out like some other game mechanics do (though I save obsessively frequently). But, obviously, not everyone looks at a game they're playing the same way I do. So my two fixes are giving an illusion of progress and...
  12. wintyrbarnes

    Avy's MV Stuff

    @FlatDragon, I made an edit really quickly. It's not great, but I hope it'll work for a placeholder for you!
  13. wintyrbarnes

    Alpha ABS (MV) [New cool DEMO, build 1242]

    I still adore this plugin and have come back around to using it. Quick question: is there a plugin command/script call to switch out a skill from a slot? For example, in my game, there is a portion where the party goes to another dimension and the player can no longer use one of their skills...
  14. wintyrbarnes

    MV SF_Inside_C Doll Sprite

    Thank you so much @SmashArtist!! :D It looks excellent.
  15. wintyrbarnes

    Set specific Set Movement Route

    Yanfly's Move Route Core should help you! You can have an event move to a specific point with a pretty simple bit of script.
  16. wintyrbarnes

    Strangest RPG

    ...nobody's mentioned OFF? That game has smoke mines, metal farms, plastic oceans and drinkable meat. You fight a boss who's a bird rising out of a dead cat. It's very French-weird. The art is definitely strange for 2k3. So, in terms of RPG Maker games, it's definitely OFF. Yume Nikki is...
  17. wintyrbarnes

    MV SF_Inside_C Doll Sprite

    Resource Type: Character Maker: MV Art Style: MV RTP Description: Hovering/floating sprite of the doll from SF_Inside_C. If at all possible, a floating sprite for the doll broken and/or burnt would also be wonderful, but all I really need is the main sprite. Thanks so much in advance! :)
  18. wintyrbarnes

    Confirmation add-on for Galv's Single Actor Menu Target?

    I'm using Galv's Single Actor Menu Target plugin in my project, since it only has one playable character, and I wanted to see if anybody could help me add a confirmation menu for using an item? For example, currently you select an item and it is automatically used on the actor. What I'd like...
  19. wintyrbarnes

    Avy's MV Stuff

    Guinea pigs!! Squee!! I've had seven altogether, but all but one have passed away. :'( They really are sweet and special critters, though, aren't they? <3 I'll need to find a place for them somewhere... if not in my current project, then in another one!
  20. wintyrbarnes

    RPG Maker MV Community Character Submissions

    ADDED Name: Wintyr (pronounced like the season), sometimes Wyn Role: Computer tech (aka "the internet is broken!" monkey) Personality: They're loud (and obnoxious), but only to hide their uncertainty and shyness. They enjoy making people happy and go out of their way to help others--often to...

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