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  1. [MZ] JABS - J's Action Battle System

    Hello, this is a great series of plugins! However, there don't seem to be any Terms of Use/Licence anywhere? The closest thing to it I found was this post: Could you please add some Terms of Use to the help file of the plugin, regarding what we are allowed/not allowed to do with the plugin...
  2. RMVXA [Revamped Demo Ver. 1.3] Battle Castle: Shadow From the Past [Story-Focused Dark Fantasy]

    Ok, so I've tried the new demo. I've got to the part where Ralir joins the party and we have a quest to go to Battle Castle. However, it seems I can't leave the Mountain Village. Whenever I try to leave through the southern road with the signpost, Draxus says "The guard said the old mine is...
  3. Galv's Timed Message Popups

    This is a fantastic plugin, thank you for making it! Do you still plan to port it to MZ? It would be really nice. It "sort of" works with FOSSIL, but that doesn't allow for web export. There doesn't seem to be any similar plugin for MZ yet.
  4. Project FOSSIL (v1.0): Use MV plugins in MZ! 300+ plugins Fossilized!

    Great plugin! Any chance it will support web deployment in the future?
  5. Future of RPG Maker series past RPG Maker MZ?

    Pixel movement by default, even the 2D version of the newest Dragon Quest doesn't use tile-based movement anymore.
  6. What are the limits of the RPG Maker game engines?

    I made a SHMUP "platformer" and an Action RPG with ABS system using just events and basic script calls when I just started with RPG Maker, it's just the matter of thinking outside the box with the tools you have available. I'm not saying it's ideal, but it's 100% possible. As for the most of...
  7. RMVXA [Revamped Demo Ver. 1.3] Battle Castle: Shadow From the Past [Story-Focused Dark Fantasy]

    I don't know much about VX Ace, but you can easily get the direction the player/event is facing via script calls in MV/MZ. There's even plugins that streamline the even activation process to only work when the player faces a certain way etc. I can image you can do it in VX Ace too.
  8. RMMZ Amarok's Howl

    Wow, thanks for playing my game! Glad you've enjoyed it :)
  9. RMMZ Amarok's Howl

    Version 1.6 released! - Battles with the Adlet now happen on the map instead of the battle screen. - Keeluts now start off transparent and inactive, giving you a better chance to evade them. - Health and Endurance is now shown on the map, thanks to the HUD Maker Ultra plugin by SRDude, check...
  10. RMMZ Luke Daimont: Absolute Mayhem

    Version 1.5 is now released! Browser version has been updated to the latest one. - Enemy collision detection has been overhauled and is now more precise, leading to a smoother experience overall. - Projectile hit detection has also been overhauled and greatly improved. - Projectile is no...
  11. RMMZ End of Winter

    Version 1.2 released! I'm proud to announce the biggest update to the game yet! The biggest change is that the game now has a HUD. No longer will you need to pause the game and look in the menu to find out what your current HP, SP or Level is. This is courtesy of the HUD Maker Ultra plugin by...
  12. How do you make your game playable on web browsers?

    I never ran into this cap either with MZ.
  13. How do you make your game playable on web browsers?

    I don't know about that, so far I could upload browser versions of all of my games on with no problem. And there are a ton of browser RPG Maker games there. Even full length RPGs. Maybe atleast try it? You can always select "exclude unused files" when exporting your game after all. Maybe...
  14. How do you make your game playable on web browsers?

    You can upload the game on I actually wrote a short guide on how to do that here.
  15. Which RPG maker should you choose? (for a beginner)

    MZ is the best, but with your budget I'd recommend MV, it's now on 85% sale,so it costs 11,09 euro on Steam. You really don't need any of the DLC and you will get a lot of stuff even with just MV. If you really don't want MV for whatever reason and want one of those 4, then XP probably...
  16. Cyclone Map Editor - MZ and MV

    Hi, I wanted to try out your plugins, but none of the download links on your website or makerdevs seem to work and you don't seem to have a link to github in your signature. Could you link it here please?
  17. SAKAN resources terms of use

    I would like to know if the default resources from SAKAN can be used in RPG Maker MZ and what are the terms of use for them. There don't seem to be any terms of use for SAKAN or the default resources that come with it anywhere. The Help file contains an EULA section, but that one only contains...
  18. RMMZ Amarok's Howl

    Version 1.5 released! - Corrected a few typos. - Fixed a few minor bugs. - Movement speed of the player character slightly increased.
  19. RMMZ Should I worry about creating too many sprites and causes lag?

    Well, in one of my games, I have over 100 moving events on a huge map that continue to move offscreen and I didn't notice any performace issues. The game also has a browser version and that one works fine as well. And from what I've read, the general consensus seems to be that MZ is much better...
  20. Preventing player from walking?

    If you want the player to only be able to turn around, you can make the following Parallel Common Event tied to a Switch, then just turn on the corresponding switch when you want to disable any movement other than turning around: If : Button [Down] is being pressed Set Movement Route : Player...

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