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  1. Antonius

    Line up the parallax background with the tileset?

    Oh my, that was a quick and helpful response. It was definitely right too! :/ I feel super silly now. Thank you so much! You rock!
  2. Antonius

    Line up the parallax background with the tileset?

    I've been replacing 90% of RPG Maker with Dragonbones, and have been overall successful, and I'm happy with how it's going. However I've tearing my hair out with some of the "under the hood" problems that MV is giving me. I'm trying to keep my character sprites/events as center as possible to...

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Life is strange. I am currently in a train-the-trainer course for Fraud Docs and Counterfeiting Techniques. And our assignment last night was to make several counterfeit documents using simple tools like Paint and such. And I actually learned stuff that might be helpful in trying to make/edit things for RM assets. I don't think that is what the course developer had in mind! :)
Onward to more RM game dev glory.... in about 14 minutes. :LZSexcite:

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