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  1. CDMedi

    RMMV Slot machine plug-in issue

    This was very helpful! Thank you very much!!
  2. CDMedi

    RMMV Slot machine plug-in issue

    So, If I understand right inside the plug-in manager in the slot machine plug, the variable ID should be the player's gold. Unfortunately, I'm still new to this, but I assume a variable would have to be made so that the game can identify how much gold the player possesses. Once it is made, the...
  3. CDMedi

    RMMV Slot machine plug-in issue

    I recently installed the slot machine plug-in by Takeya Kimura, which won't allow me to input any money. It doesn't display my current balance of gold. I'm very puzzled by this and am looking for some much-appreciated help. (I edited the text).

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