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  1. Aethesia

    Have a specific follower with stepping animation on

    Sorry for the delayed response - this ended up working perfectly! Thank you so much!
  2. Aethesia

    Have a specific follower with stepping animation on

    Hi all! There's a party member in my game that's a small fairy flying above the ground, so I'd like them to have a stepping animation (so it looks like they're flapping their wings to stay afloat) while following the party leader on the world map. I'm not sure how to do this without turning on...
  3. Aethesia

    omg that's me, I'm Gamer

    omg that's me, I'm Gamer
  4. Aethesia

    RMMZ Help With Visustella Encounter Effects

    It's under "Flow Control" on the first page of Event Commands. Here's an example from my project.
  5. Aethesia

    RMMZ Help With Visustella Encounter Effects

    You can put it in the Note: box next to the event name, or in a Comment.
  6. Aethesia

    [CGMZ] Title System

    Oddly it wasn't one of the lighting or filter plugins - I've definitively identified the culprit to be "VisuMZ_4_EncounterEffects". It's a plugin that lets you control the behavior of enemy events on the map screen being alerted to your presence and chasing you around, etc.; the only...
  7. Aethesia

    [CGMZ] Title System

    Hi, I'm getting this error when launching a playtest (after the splash screen) when attempting to use the plugin: This is on a plain map with no events or notetags. I assume there's a conflict with another plugin but I'm not sure how to determine which. For the most part I only use other...
  8. Aethesia

    Having multiple parties with separate inventories

    Holy hell, this seems to work perfectly! You're a lifesaver, thank you! :ptea:
  9. Aethesia

    Having multiple parties with separate inventories

    Hi all - I plan for my game to have an ensemble cast with no specific main character. Before all the characters meet up and join together to make the main party, I want the perspective to swap between multiple parties (party #1 will have actors 1-4, then after their introductory story is told...
  10. Aethesia

    Luck -> Willpower + showing parameters during combat?

    Hi all! The luck stat is insanely boring so I was considering changing it to something akin to willpower/sanity. I'd set the curve to 100 -> 100 but have certain skills / equipment decrease it, with common events to set up different consequences. For example, I'd give an enemy a skill with a...
  11. Aethesia

    MZ inspired battler

    Thank you so much & can't wait for more! Personally excited for 2_4 and 3_3
  12. Aethesia

    Animations or skills being used mid-battle dialogue event?

    Hi all. I have a boss fight where, when the boss hits 50% HP, the boss is supposed to talk to the party and then mind control one of party members (via a permanent charm effect - not actually bringing them over to their side of the field or anything too elaborate) halfway through the battle...
  13. Aethesia

    MZ inspired battler

    These are amazing and I absolutely plan to use them. I have a question, though - is it okay to edit them? Basically, I planned to use Person3_7 as a major character in my game, so I was considering changing the color palette of your sheet of Actor3_7 (sir blue armor man with big hammer) to make...
  14. Aethesia

    Please! Please please please please please please please please please!

    Please! Please please please please please please please please please!
  15. Aethesia

    RMMZ [VisuStella] Adjusting custom parameters via variables

    Hi all, not sure where best to post this. Using the VisuStella core system, I've created these custom parameters, "Corruption" and "Willpower", seen below: These will mostly be "roleplay" stats and I don't really plan for them to factor into combat on their own. The plan is for Corruption...
  16. Aethesia

    What the MZ RTP is missing!

    It wasn't paid content and was shared freely here before, it just seems like the original creator just didn't pay to keep the domain up. It was Etanara so there's no worries of not knowing who to credit. That said I don't know the specific forum rules of reposting others' work. Up to you (or the...
  17. Aethesia

    What the MZ RTP is missing!

    Does anyone have the full resolution version of this faceset of Actor 2_5? :( I found it on google images but it seems it's from that Etanara site that's down now.

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