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  1. Two formulas for action sequence

    So, I want to do two different formula's for damage :( So, anyone know the answer to this question?
  2. Custom Parameter Question for Yanfly Equip Core

    aww that makes sense. Thank you so much. I thought it started at 1.
  3. Custom Parameter Question for Yanfly Equip Core

    I was confused as to why it is four but thank you.
  4. Custom Parameter Question for Yanfly Equip Core

    I am using Yanfly's Equip Core, and in this video, the maker shows how to create a dynamic weapon that gains attack based on a formula. I also want to do this for magic attack but not sure what to change parameter to. Youtube Video: Here is the formula: <Custom Parameters> atk =...
  5. JavaScript Custom Plugin Error Need Help Fixing

    Oh, dang. I didn't know that. @ ozubon, I'm def going to check. Thanks!
  6. JavaScript Custom Plugin Error Need Help Fixing

    Thank you so much - I checked my folders, but don't see any spaces haha. Also, is it just folders, or file names (like music) that I should check.
  7. JavaScript Custom Plugin Error Need Help Fixing

    So, for some reason, when I move actor 3 to actor 1, it doesn't work. I get this error. When I move actor 4 to slot 1 it works. It's just strange. If you're able to work with me, I can pay if it's a complicated issue. Do you use discord? Usually the guy who works with me is really good about...
  8. JavaScript Custom Plugin Error Need Help Fixing

    I have an issue when I changed battlers during "Battle Test" using a combination of plugins. I used to not have this issue when I didn't use DragonBones battlers. I do use custom interface and plugins, but I could use some help figuring the issue out. If you're willing to help me, please let me...
  9. New Releases: The TOKIWA GRAPHICS Battle BG Series!

    I think they look great but will wait for a discount. It's a little to expensive for a poor guy like me :(
  10. Royalty Free Music available

    I purchased it for 1 dollar but don't see the download.
  11. Guest Followers

    I absolutely love this plugin. Thanks for it. Make's escort quest #worth creating :)
  12. Maru's MV Bits

    I really love your tile-sets. Any possibility you'll be making more (desert) ones or (sea) ones in the future? We seem to be lacking them :D
  13. Maliki's Item Durability EX ver 1.8b

    Is it possible with this plugin to repair armor with a an NPC Plugin Command? Like Repair all items 30%? etc?
  14. Rem Dictionary Version[1.01]

    I mean, in the menu, I'd like to load the "Rem Dictionary" by clickong on a keybind that actually under options like here in this image:
  15. POR_SaveCore

    Does it have an AutoSave feature?
  16. Rem Dictionary Version[1.01]

    Anyway we can call the command through the options button instead.
  17. Following

    You could use a random variable 1-10 , set If Conditions = this would give it a 10% chance for the man to spawn.
  18. What are your must-have plugins?

    Actually, it's a simple plugin: Control Self Switches from another event :) I use it IN Every event I make to create seamless events.
  19. Steampunk Town Tiles

    Thanks @thestranger. I just also think the price is pretty high.

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