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  1. MV Android APK - Missing Files on Application Startup (Help Please)

    I'm having the same problems, mostly for audio files. I double checked that every filename is exactly the same and I even replaced those files with empty files so it also can't be a problem with audiocodecs or anything like that. Could it be related to the app going into the wrong folder...
  2. RPG Maker MV to Android Export Tool

    I tried to get the prerequesits installed after realising that I can't open any path except "documents" (Win10). The Crosswalk version mentioned in the video is no longer available and every later version has a completely different folder structure. Also, it doesn't seem like the adb...
  3. Website 2 APK Issues

    Hey guys, hope I'm right in this section. I've been trying to get rpgmaker MV games to android. With some other programs that didn't work out for me I tried Website2APK so I couldn't really mess anything up. ...But still I did I deployed the webapp from rpgmaker MV, put it into Website2APK...
  4. Exporting to Android (MV Android Client)

    At first, thanks for the tutorial :) Sadly it doesn't seem like I'm able to get any game to work. Every single game I tried had problems loading audiofiles, at some points I was able to get less popups of missing files when exporting everything and not only used files, but those games are...

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