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  1. Tiarali

    2015 Indie Game Maker Contest - What would you do differently?

    Well last time, I had to learn how to use RPG Maker and then make a game in the month.  Didn't leave much time for testing at the end, and I missed some major problems.  I also didn't know how to do some things properly.  I'd like to make it so that a death didn't mean automatic game over, but...
  2. Tiarali

    What could have been?

    I originally planned to make it so that the zombie curse was catchable by the main character, and if you caught it from battling zombies you then had a certain period of time in which to acquire the antidote or it would be game over. But... that's a lot of work for a beginner to rpgmaker to...
  3. Tiarali

    Any news when winners are announced?
  4. Tiarali

    Any news when winners are announced?

    Thanks for the update!  Waiting sucks, but I guess I called it so :P
  5. Tiarali

    Any news when winners are announced?

    Well it says everything except the prize winners will be an ask-only basis.  That doesn't mean that there's a numerical score for non-winners to ask for.  We could potentially ask if it passed the initial screening, or if it was generally thought to be a good game.
  6. Tiarali

    Any news when winners are announced?

    I thought that in the initial screening, if they started a game and it didn't even work, then it would be disqualified, regardless of the scoring rubric.  Also, some games did use copyrighted material; I saw one game that was based on another game and even used copyrighted characters and sprites...
  7. Tiarali

    Any news when winners are announced?

    This is exactly my thoughts on the subject. :)
  8. Tiarali

    Any news when winners are announced?

    Good point.  I just honestly suspected that they would need extra time.  If they don't that's great.  If they do, I can understand.  I'd just like to know.
  9. Tiarali

    Any news when winners are announced?

    Only 280 games out of 700 made it through the first screening?  Ouch.  Wish we could find out who's on that list. I'm pretty sure some judges were specifically chosen to judge the rpg category with others designated for the non-rpg category also.  So that also reduces the amount of games each...
  10. Tiarali

    Any news when winners are announced?

    The contest page says late July.  It's already July 29 here and I haven't heard anything about when they will release the winners' names.  I'm curious for an update because I don't think they expected 700 entries and they extended the peoples' choice voting period, so I could understand if they...
  11. Tiarali

    Zarov's Curse

    Yeah, I might have taken the competition directive to have a complete experience within an hour a little too literally.
  12. Tiarali

    Zarov's Curse

    Thank you so very much!!! I am absolutely kicking myself about the soldier, that was a dumb error to make (and not find before release).  The custom battler was a huge headache for me.  I couldn't find anything that would suit the story and match the game.  I ended up with something that...
  13. Tiarali

    (TOTALLY BIASED) Game Rundowns

    Ha!  My game starts with Z :/  If they're on time, the winners will be announced soon, and I haven't read a single review of my game.  It's all good though :)
  14. Tiarali

    (TOTALLY BIASED) Game Rundowns

    Yeah, that's one of the issues I was really thinking about when making my game.  I felt like there was a fine balance between taking all the choice and therefore fun out of the game by being too blunt, and leaving the player in limbo by not giving them enough direction.  I'm simultaneously...
  15. Tiarali

    If you have nothing nice to say... say nothing at all?

    I don't think there's a single good thing to be said for saying that somebody's work is rubbish.  In itself it provides exactly zero feedback.  You can give feedback without saying "it was rubbish", and still give a truthful expression of the things that didn't work. There were a lot of people...
  16. Tiarali

    2014 Indie Game Maker Contest

    They've already downloaded all the competition entries.  I don't know if they would count it as cheating because somebody might be trying to manipulate the game entry, but it won't make any effect on the competition.
  17. Tiarali

    The Vendor [v1.0.2 available]

    I think it's fine in the game, but lose the sparkle after the first time.  The player can still look at the picture more if they want to, but the game isn't telling them they can get something by looking there when they can't.
  18. Tiarali

    The Vendor [v1.0.2 available]

    Copy/Pasting from another thread: I just played The Vendor. Graphics are beautiful.  Game concept is interesting and different.  Whole thing looks very polished.  I did notice one small bug in the pub in the town to the south (on the water's edge) where there was a shiny spot to pick a wall...
  19. Tiarali

    The Farming One [Finished!]

    Review copy/pasted from a different thread: I just played The Farming One.  Here's the deal.  I didn't want to like this game.  At all.  In fact, when I first loaded it and saw that the first crop grows instantaneously and repeatedly and instantly turns into cash, I exited the game.  But I saw...
  20. Tiarali

    Ideas for next contest... how can we improve it

    They're already looking for cheats - in THIS competition.  I have got to say, these guys are doing a really good job of listening to the community and responding quickly. To make the contest better?  Well, I think it's already pretty good.  My biggest issue is just that this is going to be a...

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