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  1. How many available skills per class should I set my limit to?

    I see... thank you for your input!
  2. How many available skills per class should I set my limit to?

    Um, I'm new here and I noticed that most content here is game-related RPGs. But I figured it would be acceptable to ask about RPG-related stuff anyway. So, I'm currently working on a book. Right now, I'm focusing on its outline: the important characters - the personalities and classes they...

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It is important to remember, in a world where everyone quickly resorts to hate, that few people actually deserve your rude thoughts about them. They're just different from you in most cases and aren't malicious.
Life is strange. I am currently in a train-the-trainer course for Fraud Docs and Counterfeiting Techniques. And our assignment last night was to make several counterfeit documents using simple tools like Paint and such. And I actually learned stuff that might be helpful in trying to make/edit things for RM assets. I don't think that is what the course developer had in mind! :)
Onward to more RM game dev glory.... in about 14 minutes. :LZSexcite:

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