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  1. Demure_Hero

    Wall is walkable from the S only

    As promised, here is the solution I created to make all walls impassable in the event that you have a wall start to behave strangely. What I did to correct it: Made an event over the offending wall with a priority 'Same as character' and Triggered by 'Player touch' so that it isn't always...
  2. Demure_Hero

    Wall is walkable from the S only

    Ah, that answers it then, it is the only tile that doesn't have a tile below it and I have never used this arrangement before. Yay! I don't believe this is user error then. I will just set an event that prevents the player from entering that tile. :D Thank you so much for taking the time to reply!
  3. Demure_Hero

    Tutorials & Included Plugins are missing

    I fiigured out how to fix the plugins. I hadn't realized you have to move them into the Software's plugin folder manually. Is this also the case with the Tutorial files? Where would I find them if so?
  4. Demure_Hero

    Wall is walkable from the S only

    UPDATE: The answer was simple to this issue. Some walls are made so that you can walk on them but they have to have a missing wall below them to enter them at the south side. (I think you also have to have a missing wall to the left and the right for this to work, but still only enterable from...
  5. Demure_Hero

    Tutorials & Included Plugins are missing

    To whom it may concern: I downloaded RPG Maker MZ a few days ago. I am looking foward to learning how to use it. I am already down to 18 days on the trial. Sadly, the Tutorials and included plugins are all missing from the download? Or maybe they are just not showing when I open the program? I...

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