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  1. Karindanslav

    DoubleX RMMV Preloaded Resources

    Weird, it works for me. I'm sorry to say I don't know enough to understand what went wrong. I'll admit I got that "require" function from the top answer from the following link, and I recommend you check it out as there are some people with the same problem in the comments...
  2. Karindanslav

    DoubleX RMMV Preloaded Resources

    I'm sure you've considered this, but you could add the following below line 1092: if (folder && !filename) { var fs = require('fs'); var files = fs.readdirSync('./' + folder + '/'); for (let i = 0; i < files.length; i++) { var filename...
  3. Karindanslav

    Weapon Proficiency - per class or actor weapon and armor effectiveness

    I really like the idea behind this plugin, but I've had the following issues using it: - I get a "current is undefined" error. It can be solved by changing "current" for "item" in lines 166 and 170. - I get a "cannot read property XX of undefined" when using the note tags on a state. Couldn't...
  4. Karindanslav

    Side Effects Control

    Hi! Sorry to revive an old thread, but I've run into a compatibility bug with YEP_Item Core whenever I use your script's tags on a weapon, whether it's in the database or in the JSON file. It results into a "Object Too Deep" error. Tried it with the script above and below, neither works...
  5. Karindanslav

    Help! Object Too Deep (Error)

    Not sure if this has been solved, but I was having the exact same issue and I fixed it by creating a whole new Project, re-adding all plugins, deleting everything from the new Project's data folder and replacing it with the contents of the old Project's data folder.
  6. Karindanslav

    [Released]Side Effects Control

    Has anyone succeeded in using these note tags on equipment? I'm trying to make a magic sword deal fire damage by using castSkill after attack is invoked.
  7. Karindanslav

    Overtime Effects (States)

    Do you think you could post a demo please?
  8. Karindanslav

    Battle Formation[Beta]

    Adding immunity, states and enabling/disabling skills based on formation position would be terrific. If you're referring to the position of the actors in battle, it is because both this plugin and Battle Engine Core alias the "Sprite_Actor.prototype.setActorHome" function (or method, I don't...
  9. Karindanslav

    Bobstah's Custom Stats 1.3.2

    Yes, that is correct :D .
  10. Karindanslav

    Bobstah's Custom Stats 1.3.2

    Is there any way I can use this plugin to create a new, third resource like MP and TP that will be used by certain skills? Maybe in combination with some other plugin available? If not, do you think you could implement that?
  11. Karindanslav

    [Question] Is it possible to create a secondary 'Mana' type resource that is class specific.

    I am also interested in having resources other than MP and TP, and I don't see how that could be achieved with those 3 plugins combined.
  12. Karindanslav

    how would I make this skill?

    Hi, I'm sorry to revive an old topic, but I have interest in this as well, and couldn't find it elsewhere. Is there any way you could send the project with the finished skill too? Thanks in advance

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