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  1. Syberduh

    Looks cool as hell!

    Looks cool as hell!
  2. Syberduh

    Random BGM? And "Switch OFF" BGM event IF Interacting with other certain events?

    Oops yeah the events will need some tweaking to work. Glad you found another way to make it work but this is how I would do it with event pages. I also forgot there's no built-in way to hide the timer (which blows my mind because it seems like having a hidden timer would be a very common...
  3. Syberduh

    There must be a better way to structure this code

    Welp turns out this is all you really need for a pretty decent flickering effect. The multiplication factors on x and the this.wait scripts can be tweaked provide a more dramatic or more relaxed flicker.
  4. Syberduh

    Is 4.99 a reasonable price for an RPG Maker game?

    What games on Steam, if any, have you purchased for $5? What was your experience with those games? What do the Steam pages of those games look like? If you're honest with yourself, how does your game stack up to other games at that price point? How strong is the hook in your Steam preview video...
  5. Syberduh

    RMMZ The Math Warrior - An Elementary Math Educational Game

    The main battle system seems fun and good for drilling. I've only played through the first 2 floors so maybe you introduce this later on, but if you haven't, it might be a fun mechanic to allow the player to attempt a "Power Attack" with larger (and potentially more difficult) numbers to do more...
  6. Syberduh

    Random BGM? And "Switch OFF" BGM event IF Interacting with other certain events?

    I don't think this architecture is going to work. You have to be pretty careful with loops inside of loops. As I understand it, the event handler doesn't "stay" inside the loop waiting for 200 frames. It runs the parallel event again as soon as it can so you will very quickly have 1000s of loops...
  7. Syberduh

    Help with sprite scaling (mv)

    If you just want to make the sprite bigger, it's as simple as opening your sprite sheet in a program like and using resize to change the height and width to whatever you want (make sure "maintain aspect ratio" is selected). This will of course lead to a more pixelated look so you may...
  8. Syberduh

    There must be a better way to structure this code

    Strangely enough it does not cause any warnings or error messages. But yes it's just a note to myself and should be commented out.
  9. Syberduh

    There must be a better way to structure this code

    Finally a true optimization. I realized there was no need to hard code the duration of the changes in brightness. I'm already generating a variable in the range that I want so I can just plug that variable in as the duration during each iteration of the flicker. General principle that noobs...
  10. Syberduh

    How to make a character look like its pulling on an item.

    The easiest way to make this happen (for a one-off event) is to put an invisible event on the floor that the player will walk over and trigger your commands to make the other character run away. Set the event trigger to "player touch"
  11. Syberduh

    Any way to stop BGM?

    The quick and dirty way to do it is to make a 2nd copy of the Demon Castle that doesn't have any background music and transfer to that one in the specific instance that you need to.
  12. Syberduh

    Any way to stop BGM?

    If the area you're transferring to doesn't have any autoplay BGM (as set on the map properties menu), then it should keep playing whatever was playing on the previous map.
  13. Syberduh

    How do I transfer a player to a new map and immediately board a vehicle?

    I would put the board ship command in an autorun event in the new map instead of after your transfer event on the old map. Like so:
  14. Syberduh

    My auto event is resulting in a game over

    What happens if you cut the transfer player command? Does your autorun event end successfully and let you walk around?
  15. Syberduh

    My auto event is resulting in a game over

    What's in your other 2 events? Also the loop after "cancel" shouldn't cause a gameover screen but it will make your game unplayable when you choose cancel.
  16. Syberduh

    Gold Spent Conditional Branch?

    I don't think there's a default script call to get total gold spent $ will return total party gold. So when the crafting starts, variable X = $, when crafting ends variable Y = $ If X - Y === 0 then no animation. Edit: actually you don't even...
  17. Syberduh

    Transparency Circle for Parallax Maps

    You can use the create static layer plugin command with Galv's layer plugin to change the opacity of existing layers. A very unsophisticated way to achieving the effect you describe is to use events to map out when a particular layer becomes transparent. You'd have to split up all of the...
  18. Syberduh

    Is it possible to draw events on Battle BGs?

    Is there a function to take a screen shot of the game map that could then be used as a custom battle back?
  19. Syberduh

    RMMZ Am I able to erase an event from a common event?

    Lol I didn't realize you needed to do this so many times On each of your paladins you could have: $gameVariables.setValue(100, this.eventId()); that fires right before you hand everything over to your common event (replacing 100 with whatever variable number id you want to use). Then your...

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