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  1. Registration of my copy

    A developer on steam wrote me this: "Your purchase is registered through your steam account, no further action is needed. :)" That is what i wanted to know, because user lisence agreement - article 3 in app is very confusing.
  2. Registration of my copy

    Yes, I think also. Just want to be sure that everythink is correct.
  3. Registration of my copy

    In RPG Maker MZ "Help" User License Agreement - Article 3
  4. Registration of my copy

    I purchased it on Steam. The App didn`t asked for any code. On Steam i never get any codes to register. So is it by buying on Steam with my registered account allready registered? Should be handled in the faq section for more understanding about the registration (Steam or otherwise).
  5. Registration of my copy

    "The User shall conduct user registration for This Software upon commencing usage thereof, in accordance with methods separately stipulated by the Company, and shall become an authorized user (henceforth "Authorized User") of This Software upon completion of said user registration." Yesterday I...

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