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  1. How can I make a separate, permanent window outside of the gameplay area?

    I... see. Thank you, mate. I appreciate you taking the time, but unfortunately this isn't very helpful to me lmao. I wouldn't even know where to start. Still? Well, at the very least now I know it's possible.
  2. How can I make a separate, permanent window outside of the gameplay area?

    It doesn't really matter, as long as it doesn't disturb the gameplay area. Hell, even if it's two "main game windows" it's fine. I just want to have a separate window for the portraits and such, then everything else on the main screen.
  3. How can I make a separate, permanent window outside of the gameplay area?

    I can make a window just fine. However, it sits on top of the gameplay area and occludes the environment. I want to separate those two windows. My portrait window on the left, and the gameplay on the right. Like this: Is this even possible? Do you guys know a script or something?
  4. RMMZ Item upgrade or enchanting using other items as base.

    What the title said. I'm looking for a plugin -if it exists- that would allow me to upgrade gear and equipment with loot. For example I'd like to be able to upgrade a sword with a bunch of other swords, each sword used as ingredients give a specific amount of xp and when it reaches a...
  5. QTE - In combat, press button just before being attacked to block, like in Super Mario RPG

    Is there a plugin for this? Or do someone know how to event it out?
  6. KC_CompositeBitmaps - Layered Images (Faces, Sprites, Pictures, etc.)

    So can we use this with normal pictures? To make something like a paperdoll system? If I want to display character pictures with different layers for clothes, etc?
  7. Looking for a "Simultaneous attack" and "Combination Attack" plugin...

    I'm looking for a couple of battle system features that I could implement in my game, but can't seem to find it. First? A plugin that allows all actors of the battle to act simultaneously. Lemme explain: You choose your commands at the start of the battle for all characters. The enemies...
  8. RMMZ Archtross: (subtitle still undecided)

    Still no downloads for this? I'd like to play it soon.
  9. I'm looking for a simple 3D object display plugin. Not like MZ3D.

    I want to load some 3D objects and perhaps characters to use as busts. I don't need to render the whole game in 3D like the MZ3D plugin, it's too much for my needs. Anyone here knows something I can use?

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