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  1. Thalzon's MV Battlers

    I can't put those white dolphins in as an enemy. I'd never forgive myself for killing something like that.
  2. Shades of Battler, Animated (446), DragonBones (239)

    It's all nice art but I especially like those flans.
  3. Thalzon's MV Battlers

    Yeeouch! Seafood soup! I like those.
  4. Thalzon's MV Battlers

    I see the sadness in the worm's eyes. But he shall die anyway.
  5. Thalzon's MV Battlers

    Curious to see what the next set will be.
  6. Shades of Battler, Animated (446), DragonBones (239)

    Those are amazing. Especially the dark one. Found a new superboss.
  7. Thalzon's MV Battlers

    Robot Chicken
  8. Shades of Battler, Animated (446), DragonBones (239)

    I posted about requests previously and my original idea is too specific and I would think time-consuming. So I thought maybe I’d just suggest a Final Fantasy-like Malboro SV enemy. That would be great to see at some point.
  9. Thalzon's MV Battlers

    It was a little trickier than I thought getting around the edges of the robe with the gold trim, and I'm not as experienced as I'd like to be, but I did my best.
  10. Thalzon's MV Battlers

    Okay then, I will do that. Tomorrow, though. Lol.
  11. Thalzon's MV Battlers

    I could do that if Thalzon will allow it.
  12. Shades of Battler, Animated (446), DragonBones (239)

    I didn't see anything regarding the subject on the main front page post, but do you take requests at all? Even if it's paid requests? I don't mind.
  13. Shades of Battler, Animated (446), DragonBones (239)

    Those look great. Especially the first one.
  14. hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    I tried saving those wolf sprites but when I open it, it looks like this: The background isn't transparent and I've never had this happen with PNG images before. Anyone know what might be causing this?
  15. Thalzon's MV Battlers

    Closing out with excellent work. Getting vibes of Dr. Lugae and Barnabas from Final Fantasy IV with this coupling.
  16. Thalzon's MV Battlers

    A little torn between steampunk and prehistoria, but I think I'll second steampunk.
  17. Thalzon's MV Battlers

    As someone who's making a game centered around vampires, all these various undead types are perfect for my project. The coffin mimic is also a nice addition.
  18. My mountains resources

    Very nice. Also, hope you don't mind me making the grouping tiles with your work. As such:
  19. Overlay compatible with Terrax Lighting?

    Thanks. In which order do you have yours?
  20. Overlay compatible with Terrax Lighting?

    The only overlay plugins I’ve come by so far don’t appear to have compatibility with the Terrax Lighting plugin. Unless I missed something. Is there such a plugin anywhere?

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