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  1. Starbird RTP Edits

    @hiddenone, I had no idea that is what I was doing. I sincerely apologize. I was wondering if you could use your moderator abilities to erase that post for me?
  2. Starbird RTP Edits

    These are some amazing-looking tilesets. I am actually working on a FREE project that is still in the beginning phases since most of the things needed to make it, such as tilesets, are not in the basic assets. I was wondering if you could help me.
  3. So... More Crops?

    Those look pretty cool, Jade_D; and I was wondering if you do other types of tilesets besides crops.
  4. Dels ressources -UPDATE 07/28

    Hi, Deldel. I saw that you do requests and heard you were looking into getting more practice done. I am trying to acquire a tileset artist for a project I'm working on and was wondering if you wanna get some practice in making modern-day tilesets. If you wanna discuss more about it, just...
  5. FREE Ghost-Mates [MV] (Artists and a Composer needed)

    If you have a Discord, I could friend you.
  6. FREE Ghost-Mates [MV] (Artists and a Composer needed)

    From the game I plan to make, I would likely need 17 songs that can be looped and sound natural. Is that number within reason? Also, is there a way to listen to the songs you've made so far?
  7. FREE Ghost-Mates [MV] (Artists and a Composer needed)

    I was just wanted to make sure of something. When you say you wanna help with the music, is it going to be a commission-based help?
  8. Assets-Related Question

    I've been using RPG Maker MV for a couple days now. When I went to create more enemies for a small project I'm working on, I noticed what appears to be missing assets in a few areas. I'll only mention a few since I have no idea full number of assets the program is supposed to have: The Actors'...
  9. Unable to delete a file

    Oh, I see. I'll try using the windows tools to try getting rid of the folder. If I don't post anything after this, then the problem is fixed.
  10. Unable to delete a file

    Sorry for being vague. I went to Documents -- which is where the Games folder was -- and right-clicked the project I wanted to delete. I scrolled down and clicked "delete". The file was a folder that's created upon saving a project, but the only difference between the other two I have is that...
  11. Unable to delete a file

    I recently downloaded RPG Maker MV, and one of the game files was called "Mini-Game " (the space is incidentally part of the name). I then attempted to delete the file since I don't need it anymore; but whenever I try to, I get this message: "Could not find this item This is no longer in...
  12. Weapon Effects

    If it's easier to do what I want with only Yanfly's Damage Core, I'll go with that instead of using multiple plugins. Also, how would I learn about those aspects? I've never used JavaScript before, and I don't think my computer has a suitable program to help me use Javascript.
  13. Weapon Effects

    The damage formula looks somewhat complicated. Is this with or without the plugin?
  14. Weapon Effects

    Oh, I need the Yanfly's Damage Core plug-in to do this?
  15. Weapon Effects

    I'm trying to figure out a way to make certain weapons cause certain effects. For instance, let's say I have a character equipped with a weapon that has the Attack Elements of Physical and Darkness. I attack an enemy that is of the Darkness element, such as a Ghost or a Demon. Your intended...
  16. FREE Seeking Idea Bouncers, Story Writer and Battle Animation Crafter

    What about static battlers for side-view battles? I’m kinda interested in seeing some if you don’t mind sharing them.
  17. FREE Seeking Idea Bouncers, Story Writer and Battle Animation Crafter

    Could you explain more about what skills you're willing to trade in exchange of people helping you with this game? Also, this is just a wild suggestion; so you can do with it however you want. Instead of using torches in caves, what about using glowing crystal. You can explain it as them...
  18. FREE Ghost-Mates [MV] (Artists and a Composer needed)

    Ghost-Mates, the game that I'm trying to pull a team for, is based on a book that I'm currently working on right now. Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: It is a sad day for our hero, Kevin Winthrop - his grandmother recently passed away. During the reading of her will, Kevin inherits her manor in...
  19. Automatic Item Gathering

    For a game I intend to make, I plan on having the main character the ability to acquire ownership of a manor-themed dungeon after meeting certain criteria. Enemy monsters can still be battled - though only in the manor's property line - so that players can still gather monster-owned items only...
  20. Size-Related Questions for RPG Maker

    Thanks for explaining that.

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