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  1. MUSH Audio Engine - Spatial Audio/Voice Acting/New Channels/etc.

    I'm new to rpgmaker, i'm doing my first game The event I created, looks like this I don't know you what mean by source event's. Found out the problem <bgs_source: 1> was missing. Now it's working. My bad Now I found out how amazing this plugins is, thanks man!
  2. MUSH Audio Engine - Spatial Audio/Voice Acting/New Channels/etc.

    I'm having a problem, The spacial audio is not working. I'm trying do add a spacial lake audio on the map. but no sound is coming out.
  3. RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    Found a solution, Using plugin command to skip from 0 hour to 1 hour fixed my clock. Goodbye midnight
  4. RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    Or there's a way to disable the timesystem and only use the lighting?
  5. RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    How can I create a ingame clock with the variables of this plugin? When I try using with my variable system this happens when I need add a day and a weekday, with a common event If Hour ≥ 0 day+1 Weekday+1 I was using this with the time system I created with variables The hour and minutes...

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