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  1. How to import "modern generator" DLC parts into Game character hub: portfolio edition?

    The tutorial says "Simply go to "File > Import resources...", and then click on the "Import RPG Maker MV DLCs" button." Except there is no Import RPG Maker MV DLCs" button...
  2. Silent protagonist vs dialogue choices that don't affect gameplay?

    Right now, most dialogue in my game so far involves the player being given 3 choices of dialogue when talking with characters, however, majority of the time, the dialogue choice you pick does not affect gameplay and just determines what the next dialogue will be, with the exception of a few...
  3. Text control character that causes specific actor face to be shown?

    In VXA I was using "ATS face options" where, for example you could put "\af[1]\f{3}" which will cause the text box face to be Actor 1, face 3 of that Actor's faceset. I'm wondering if there is something similar to MZ.
  4. Does it matter if the story for my game is super cliche?

    The story for my game is super, and I mean SUPER cliche: travel the world, find the six ancient crystals so you can get the power to defeat the cult thats trying to ressurect an ancient demon thats been sealed away for 500 years. Thats pretty much the entire game's plot The thing is though...
  5. How to make an event's graphic match an actor sprite?

    I have an event, who is a character who is a member of the party. I have a few variations on what the actor sprite will look like depending on certain circumstances. Is there a way to make an event's graphic match an actor's graphic depending on variables?
  6. What are the dimensions for a sprite sheet with characters that are 2 tiles high?

    I want to make some characters that are 2 tiles high as opposed to 1. What dimensions will I need the sprite sheet to be so that the game will recognize them as a single character and not 2 halves?
  7. How could I change the Y position of a text box?

    I've got my text box set to "middle" but I want to move it up a little bit if that's possible. Anyone able to help me with this?
  8. New to scripts, need a little help

    I am trying to add a second choice column using "ats_choice_options" but I get this error when I enter "choice_column_num: 2" as a script. Yes I am very dumb. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  9. More efficient way to go about having to constantly check 64 different switches?

    Just got the face script now and it seems like it will be very helpful to my situation. I just have a question that maybe you can help me with. Is there a way to pick the index number on an actor's current faceset in this command "\af[n] - set face to the face of the actor with ID n in the...
  10. More efficient way to go about having to constantly check 64 different switches?

    I appreciate the information but I honestly have no idea what any of this even means. I am not well versed in rpg maker scripting.
  11. More efficient way to go about having to constantly check 64 different switches?

    ok so i'm at the point in my game where I want to allow the player to customize the hairstyles and clothing of each party members. Each party member will have 8 different hairstyles and 8 different outfits, meaning I will be making 64 portraits for each party member (8 hairstyles X 8 outfits =...
  12. Can anyone turn this gate into a 3x3 sprite? (3 tiles high and 3 tiles wide)

    Image on left is "!$Gate1" from VXace and image on right is "!$Gate1" from MV. I would like to get one or both of them transformed into a sprite thats 3 wide and 3 high for VXace.
  13. How to make an event that deletes all items in players inventory

    Just for dev purposes, I want to make an event that will delete all items in the players inventory when it is interacted with. Anyone know how I can go about this?
  14. Is my map lost forever?

    yeah I figured that its probably gone. Sucks that i'll have to remake it and all the events in it but could be worse. As for why the project was lost, I logged in to my computer and went to use rpg maker only to find that it was for some reason uninstalled on steam. This is like the 5th time...
  15. Is my map lost forever?

    Yes, This map had existed for a while. it had been worked on and saved on multiple occasions
  16. Is my map lost forever?

    Rpg maker VXA recently gave me an "unexpected file format" error. I did the whole create a new project, create blank maps equal to how many were lost and then copying the old maps into the new project folder and I've got them all back now except for 1, MAP236. Despite copying it into the folder...
  17. Sealing specific equipment?

    Hi guys. In my game each party member has 3 accessory slots where they can equip rings, pendants, cloaks, etc. I was wondering if there was a way to make it so they if a character has a cloak equipped, I can seal all other cloaks so they can't equip two cloaks at once while also being able to...
  18. Any way to Salvage lost Mapinfo data?

    Oh my goodness thank you bro. It worked. You just saved me about 10 hours of having to recreate them. Thank you so much!!!

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