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  1. KucingBudhug

    Do you have a #1 favorite game? Which one?

    I love that game! Finished the first two, GS is one of the best RPG series I've ever played on GBA, sadly I didn't have a chance to play the third one (Dark Dawn) on DS.
  2. KucingBudhug

    What's your favorite thing to make/create? in RPGmv

    My favorite thing is custom UI, whether it's making the window skins, icons, buttons ,bars, decorations, or the custom menu itself. I'm not good with codes and scripts so I do it with events, I think eventing is fun :)   Something like this (old work)
  3. KucingBudhug

    Do you have a #1 favorite game? Which one?

    Monster Hunter series. Because I have weird fetish for monsters and cool looking creatures... (jk) Mainly because I love the concept of its world and monsters, probably the only game where I feel that I'm fighting monsters with personality. I love the difficulty where a little error or wrong...
  4. KucingBudhug

    Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    I've never finished any Zelda game before, but OMG! The game looks so BEAUTIFUL!!! One more reason to buy Nintendo's console I guess :3
  5. KucingBudhug

    Kucing's Art Dump

    Hello fellow RM forum artists! I am still new to the community and decided to share my works with you here. Other than creating free resources which is my secondary priority atm, I make arts for my personal enjoyment and for living. I draw mostly pixel arts, but I do manga style drawing as well...
  6. KucingBudhug

    ObsidianTrance Arte

    Love them! They look good! And some of them have Castlevania vibes <3 I'm a fan of Ayami Kojima's works, your style reminds me of hers and that's pretty cool  :thumbsup-right:
  7. KucingBudhug


    I thought it was goodbye topic because the title sounded like good bye until I notice it was your username XD Anyway, nice to meet you and welcome!  :guffaw: :thumbsup-right: I'm new to this forum as well, I hope we all can be friends :3
  8. KucingBudhug

    Wildsheep's random non-rpgmaker arts

    They are beautiful, love the sketches especially!  :thumbsup-left: :O :thumbsup-right:
  9. KucingBudhug

    [FREE] KucingBudhug's Original Graphic Resources

    Update +1 Window Skin, added to the list on first post. RPG Maker MV | System | Window Skin | Fantasy - Gold and Red theme.      
  10. KucingBudhug

    A Stray Cat Comes to Your Neighborhood

    @North_Star If that's the case then please correct me if I make mistake :) and Thank you! I'll keep that in mind if I have questions about mapping :D @spritemight Yeeeeey! Nice to see you here!  :rock-left: :guffaw: :rock-right:
  11. KucingBudhug

    [FREE] KucingBudhug's Original Graphic Resources

    Ah yes, please ^_^ I'm sorry for posting this in the wrong room.
  12. KucingBudhug

    [FREE] KucingBudhug's Original Graphic Resources

    @Hayato Yeps, I want to share my resources to more people so I thought I will post them on some other places aside DA  :) And... woah! That's awesome! :guffaw: :rock-right: @Kloe Thank you! I'm happy you like it  :cutesmile:
  13. KucingBudhug

    are my sprites good enough ?

    It looks good, the style itself is unique. But personally I feel there is something incomplete on your map, it's the lack of shadows, it gives dimension to the objects. Some objects look flat, the table here looks like it doesn't have any legs and it blends with the floor. Here is my suggestion...
  14. KucingBudhug

    Random Art Thread

    @alennor Wow! Love the shading and details on your work!!!  :D :thumbsup-right: *me joining the art thread Old Legend of Legacy fanart, I tried to adapt the style from the game (lines and colors)
  15. KucingBudhug

    A Stray Cat Comes to Your Neighborhood

    Thank you for the warm welcome everyone! :3
  16. KucingBudhug

    Juliastorybored 2D and 3D Art

    Loving your 3D works! The last one looks amazing, especially the cell shaded look, it is a screenshot from actual game?  :) :thumbsup-right:
  17. KucingBudhug

    [FREE] KucingBudhug's Original Graphic Resources

    Hello, my name is KucingBudhug and I want to share some resources I made to anyone who wants to use them. All graphic resources I post here are FREE for everyone, for commercial and non-commercial projects. You may edit and share these resources, as long as you give proper credit to the creator...
  18. KucingBudhug

    [CLOSED]Art/Game's Anime-Wannabe realistic Portrait!

    @JoePie Thank you JoePie! Yes, I draw the kucing myself X'3
  19. KucingBudhug

    Long Gone Days (DEMO) [NOW on Indiegogo]

    When I saw the preview of this game for the first time I got captivated by the beautiful art! I'm a huge fan of pixel graphic so it's must to +follow for me XD. Also the character CGs are very clean and lovely! I've tried the demo and love it, looking forward to play the full game when it's...
  20. KucingBudhug

    [CLOSED]Art/Game's Anime-Wannabe realistic Portrait!

    Those are beautiful portraits! Love how you color the skin, the colors look soft but also look realistic at the same time  :) :thumbsup-right:

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