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  1. grem333

    NPC Dialogue for Life Simulation Games: What Keeps You Interested?

    Thanks for your input! I also love backstory. Harvest Moon 64 is one of my favorite games, because of it's slightly darker tone. I'm also trying to make NPCs more realistic, like some of them have secrets or drama in their lives that unfolds as you get to know them.
  2. grem333

    NPC Dialogue for Life Simulation Games: What Keeps You Interested?

    Hey guys, This question is more for Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley/Story of Seasons fans, but anyone can answer! For a while now, I've been making a harvest moon-like game for my own amusement (that I hopefully will release when it's eventually done!). I've been struggling for a couple weeks with...
  3. grem333

    waynee95's Storage System

    Thanks so much! I will test it when I get home from work.
  4. grem333

    waynee95's Storage System

    Hello, I'm having an issue with allowing certain items to be stored in specific places. I created two storage boxes, one for "Building Materials" (set as ID = 0) and one for "General Storage" aka other items (set as ID = 1). I then placed in the noteboxes of my items either <Can Store Only In...
  5. grem333

    How to omit certain items from Select Item command

    Thanks! That plugin should work perfectly!
  6. grem333

    How to omit certain items from Select Item command

    That is true, I could do that! I ideally would have Key Items be Quest items, but if there is no other way, that would work. I don't know why I hadn't thought of that. Thanks!
  7. grem333

    How to omit certain items from Select Item command

    Hello all, Is there a way to omit certain items when using the "Select Item" command? In my farm game, I have items that are tools or seeds that I do not want to give as gifts to NPCs, thus I do not want them to appear as options in the item select window. In contrast, other items are...
  8. grem333

    Galv's Simple Crops + Galv's Tools = Farming

    Ah, thanks. Don't know how I missed that
  9. grem333

    Galv's Simple Crops + Galv's Tools = Farming

    Hello, Great plug-in! I'm using the Galv Tools Plug-in specifically. I made a fertilizer item that is consumed upon use. The way it is now, after using the fertilizer, the number of fertilizer is only updated after I go to the menu and back. Is there a script call that I can use in my event...
  10. grem333

    Similar Harvest Moon like game with events and no plugins? (a lot of questions)

    I know this topic is a bit old, but I posted a demo of a farming system for MV. It also includes my versions of mining and a simple relationship system. It has some plug-ins, but if I recall correctly, the farming system is evented- no scripts or anything. It takes forever to do it this way, but...
  11. grem333

    technical question about nested vs non nested conditional branches

    Thanks guys for all the suggestions! I'll have to try out that script, too, and see what's easier.
  12. grem333

    technical question about nested vs non nested conditional branches

    Thanks guys! I will actually have some other "shared" stuff at the end, like increasing the Friendship variable, so I guess I'll use the "Jump to Label" commands instead of exiting the event. :D
  13. grem333

    technical question about nested vs non nested conditional branches

    In my game, the NPCs have a bunch of random dialogue, and to control what they say, I use conditional branches. Thus, I pick a random variable between 1 and let's say 20. And then I use nested conditional branches to show the corresponding dialogue. The problem with that is, because I have so...
  14. grem333

    How Do You Make Caves Interesting?

    Hey guys, I was in the middle of mapping out a giant cave and was wondering if you have any suggestions on how you make large caves interesting instead of having everything look the same. My ideas are: 1) Have different biomes, such as regular cave, ice cave as you travel higher, lava as you...
  15. grem333

    Multiple Storage for Different Item Types

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone is aware of an item storage script that allows for the creation of multiple storage units that are specific for certain items. For example, I want a Storage Chest for general items, and a Fridge for storage of food items. So I assume there would be a way...
  16. grem333

    Rustic Tales

    Hello everyone! It's been almost a year since my last update, but I am still slowly working on this game in my free time. I'm still working on a LOT of dialogue, as interacting with the villagers and love interests has always been one of my favorite things about Harvest Moon games. I am...
  17. grem333

    RMMV So You Want To Be A Farmer Demo

    Probably not for a while! I've been busy with work, and I'm focusing on my Rustic Tales farm game for VX Ace now, as it is more complete. The crop events with all four seasons take some time to set up, too, and I really have to be in the mood to make them!
  18. grem333

    Request- Farming System

    @Rishi Raj Jain Here's the link for the demo: My farming system is not simple like you want, though. You have to water crops and they do not grow based on a timer, but on the number of in-game days!
  19. grem333

    Farming System like Harvest Moon and sleeping

    I have a short demo that you can download with a working farming system. But like what everyone else says, it requires a lot of work with variables and switches. Here it is, if you're interested: Feel free...
  20. grem333

    RMMV So You Want To Be A Farmer Demo

    Hello! I'm glad you found this useful! The reason for the limit of 5 crop types is because each event can only have 20 pages (in contrast to VX Ace, which I believe allowed 99 pages). You can get around it without a plug-in (which would make this demo obsolete), but it takes a bit of work. If...

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