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  1. midnight1443

    Ending Credits issue

    Thank you!
  2. midnight1443

    Ending Credits issue

    If this isn’t the forum for the Nintendo switch version, what is? (Please, answer this before closing the question, if this is not the correct forum.) Otherwise, the Ending Credits are not accepting Enter/Return to break the lines. They keep putting it all together, centering it, and only...
  3. midnight1443

    Ending Credits

    I’m using RPG Maker MV on the Nintendo switch, and the ending text for my ending credits doesn’t accept line breaks from pressing return. The text becomes one line centered, and doesn’t show my ending monologue. Anyone got any work around, or is there any chance this is something that may be...
  4. midnight1443

    Beetles, Hedgehogs, and Wombats; oh my!

    Thank you! I'll look into those! :D
  5. midnight1443

    Beetles, Hedgehogs, and Wombats; oh my!

    Hello! I'm attempting to make a game with monster catching and battling, but I can't seem to find any Animated SV/Walking monsters of the beetle, hedgehog, or wombat variety. If anyone has one or more of these that I could use commercially, that would be amazing! :D I may attempt to create some...
  6. midnight1443

    SV Battlers off Screen

    Thank you! Same to you!
  7. midnight1443

    Move Battle Shadows

    I was going to ask this question. If you find out, please, let us know.
  8. midnight1443

    SV Battlers off Screen

    I was able to fix their positions, but, yeah, the shadows do seem to be distant from the battlers. I’m going to look into this when I can. I’m currently working on the characters and the system build. I’ve got a lot of PCs to make. I’m going to have to make some of my own battlers and sprites.
  9. midnight1443

    SV Battlers off Screen

    My characters are all off screen. The game still works, but I'd like to be able to see them. I am using VisuStella Party System, Battle Core, and other VisuStella plugins. I changed the number of max battlers to 11, because that's what I wanted for my specific game. I was wondering how to fix...
  10. midnight1443

    Troop Alignment in side view battle

    What about my battlers? I have yanfly's party system, but they show up on the walls. Is there any way to fix them?
  11. midnight1443

    Snake Sprites Rainbow/Black

    I made sure they worked. They're all the same size and design, I just changed the color to make them look different. Free to use! Happy gaming! -Max
  12. midnight1443

    Tileset Creator for MV?

    How do I change this to answered?
  13. midnight1443

    Tileset Creator for MV?

    Thank you, all! I just realized that I can change the size to 576x384 pixels in microsoft photo editor with the crop tool, and I just make the tiles that I wanted to use into events. It's WAY easier than I was trying to make it before. Now, I don't need to be limited by the tilesets. XD ...
  14. midnight1443

    Tileset Creator for MV?

    I have a program to make custom Icons, from Yanfly, which I really like, but compacting my tilesets is very slow since there is not a program for it. I bought some for MV, but they are in a half-sheet. It is difficult to use, since I want to have more in my maps than a half-sheet of tiles.
  15. midnight1443

    Tileset Creator for MV?

    And, thank you! I'm sorry, I didn't know which thread it was supposed to be under.
  16. midnight1443

    Tileset Creator for MV?

    Are there any programs, like there was for Ace, that can easily map a tileset for me? I have been looking online, and have not found anything. It takes a lot longer to create them on my own, and the new tiles that I bought need to be incorporated into my tilesets, but I was hoping to not have to...

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