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  1. Jellicoe

    Ok to use someone else’s picture vastly shrunk?

    I was reading this: It seems the reason logos are blurred in movies is because movies don’t want to give free advertising while having other companies pay for spots. What do you think?
  2. Jellicoe

    Ok to use someone else’s picture vastly shrunk?

    Thanks for the suggestion. I guess my thought would be how is this different than a movie where they have posters in the background or a person as a t-shirt with a real logo or driving a car with a recognizable car logo. Surely in a film set in the city commercial logos and movie posters etc are...
  3. Jellicoe

    Ok to use someone else’s picture vastly shrunk?

    I have a scene where the main character is in his room and he is a typical anime/gamer person. I took pictures of well known anime and games and shrunk them down until they are about 1 tile to use as posters for his room. Still recognizable as say, Asuka from evangelion but very fuzzy. Is this...
  4. Jellicoe

    How do o rearrange map order

    i have a lot of town maps, and was trying to rearrange them to create some order. However I can’t seem to just drag one map or copy another map above the other. Any Ideas on what to do?
  5. Jellicoe

    RMMV [RSE] | Luition Academy | DEMO | [A month of development]

    Nice! Where did you get the art?
  6. Jellicoe

    How do you rationalize a limited party in battle?

    Say you have 10 playable characters. However in battles you can only have a party of four. How do you rationalize that in your game? I know typical RPGs have parties of 3 or 4. It always bothered me though because there was no reason for it. Like, why can’t all 10 of you fight the boss?
  7. Jellicoe


    I would make filler NPCs have hats, or bonnets so it could give the illusions that perhaps they are different characters
  8. Jellicoe

    Mon's Character Generator Expansion

    I use the mouth pieces so heavily from this. I wish there were more!
  9. Jellicoe

    Starbird RTP Edits

    Wow awesome tiles great job!!!
  10. Jellicoe

    FES Wizard Character - SV Battler

    That’s fantastic!!!
  11. Jellicoe

    Can games with the rtp style resources sell well?

    I think so. I have seen great looking RTP maps but not in an actual game. I see actual games like on steam and the maps are crappy.
  12. Jellicoe

    Know any good RPGs on ios

    Just curious if anyone knows any good RPg mobile games out there for IOS preferably made using RPGmakrr. I can’t seem to find any on the Apple App Store. Thanks!
  13. Jellicoe


    Funny I envy you. I would love to work on my game more. But I got my wife and kids and they need some love too :) I would say I work on the game once or twice a week for a few hours, to average an hour a day.
  14. Jellicoe

    MV town of beginnings plug-in help

    Hello, I got the town of beginnings tileset and was very happy it included a sample game. It seemed they also included a lot of useful plugins. However at least half were in Japanese and they seemed to be responsible for a lot of the cool effects like fog. Is there going to be any help for...
  15. Jellicoe

    Personigo's art showcase

    Looks great!
  16. Jellicoe

    "Don't go here yet." or Extremely Blatant Roadblocks

    I think “I don’t want to go there” roadblocks is good. Because it “expands” the game while allowing you to do less work. For example it’s realistically impossible to make a huge world where you can just go everywhere. However you can imply the rest of the world is there and thereby giving you...
  17. Jellicoe

    Historical RPGs

    I think with having a setting in fantasy compared to history as the background you can kind of suspend common sense stuff. For instance it’s plausible in a fantasy setting that four heros endowed with magic and the magical sword can save the world by defeating the demon king. In historical...
  18. Jellicoe

    Waves for beach tileset

    I was thinking final fantasy 6 did a good job of doing a waves on the beach 13 seconds into the video you can see what they did
  19. Jellicoe

    RMMV Rosary Of The Reaper R13+

    Wow graphics look incredible!
  20. Jellicoe

    RMVXA Black Ritual RE (2019 remake)

    Looks cool. I will check it out!

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