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  1. Transporting Game!

    Hello, is it possible to transport a finished game onto another computer and play it, even if it doesn't have RPG making software? Also, can you make it so you can play your project without opening the RPG designing software? As if it's a real independent game, I mean?
  2. Wix!

  3. Wix!

    Hello, is there a way to put your RPG on a wix site? Thanks!
  4. Battles

    I see. Well anyway, I watched a youtube video and it's all sorted! Thanks!
  5. Battles

    Thanks! That was confusing, but I'll give it a go!
  6. Battles

    Hello, I meant if the battle ends and someone is still dead, thanks.
  7. Battles

    Thanks, you two! Yep, I want just any character to die for it to be game over. (Again, unless he's brought back to life in a battle).
  8. Battles

    Hello, is there a way to make it impossible to escape from battles, and if only one party member dies, it's game over? (Unless he's brought back to life with a potion in the battle). Thanks!
  9. Backup

  10. Backup

    Hello, I find the way your RPGs are saved on computer confusing. I'm assuming your games are saved as game.rmmzproject files? If so, how come my game so far is just 11 bytes big? If I wanted to back my whole project up on a pen drive, do I save the whole folder and everything should be fine? If...
  11. Different dialogues for different characters

    Sorry, I've just got around to trying that out and I still don't understand. I've typed in '_partySize' and it's not working. How did you make that a variable? Thanks again!
  12. Different dialogues for different characters

    Hello, I get making conditional branches where you can only talk to a character if a certain party member is present, and creating an else branch that makes someone talk if someone isn't in a party, but what if you have three or more characters? That sounds really complicated to me, and it...
  13. Using keys

    Worked it out! Excellent feeling! Thanks!
  14. Using keys

    Thank you, will do!
  15. Using keys

    Hello, in my RPG, I want someone to give my main character an item that I've called a 'gem' so my character can go to another world, meet a stranger, give him the gem and make him a new party member. How would I do this? In the I guess 'item editor' or whatever you call it, I made the gem a key...
  16. Deleting characters forever RPG Maker MZ

    Hello, in my RPG I've made, my main character talk to another character, who ends up giving the former gold. Then the money giver leaves the room and disappears. However, when the main character leaves the room as well and goes back in it, the other character reappears. Is there a way to delete...

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