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  1. Creating Follow-up Skills that trigger off of States

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll admit, I haven't looked into the action sequences as much as I really should have. It does look like it will do what I want it to, so I think that's problem solved.
  2. Creating Follow-up Skills that trigger off of States

    I have been trying to create a Class that makes follow-up attacks based on the status effect(s) inflicted on an enemy it attacks or targets with a Skill. I originally tried using Victor Engine's FollowUp Skills Plugin (in addition to the Basic Module), and that seems to work, except it doesn't...

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Farm is all but done!



Might add a wagon or something towards the bottom but I think we're good to go. ^_^
This is something I randomely made in my free time while trying to find alternative ways to post images here instead of imgur, hope it doesn't look too blurry or bad.
Had an epiphany on how I could turn my massive double digit year planned project into like a 4-5 years thing, much simpler, smaller, still pretty grand, yet far more doable.
Considering whether I should still release my demo or not.
Reckon I might. It's its own story from start to finish and it would still work as a tech preview or something.
Halp, gaemake motivation sinking!!
Gotta love those BPD mood swings. At least the swing was up this time LOL

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