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  1. Plot and Character Feedback

    So, I've been tinkering with MV since day one, and wrapping my head around the little changes since Ace, but building it around a mushy slosh of random story idea. I haven't got any form of game, yet (and recently lost all of the files anyway, but no big loss), but now that I'm semi-comfortable...
  2. Pharonix Equipment Restrictions

    This one. Kind of similar to how Runescape's equipment prerequisites are, in a way.
  3. Pharonix Equipment Restrictions

    Not sure if you had this in mind already, but this script would be perfect if you added notetags for stats (Attack, Defense, etc) as well!
  4. Variety Of Guns For Your Heroes To Use In Battle

    That is incredible! You do some quick work, sir! I wanted to come give you my praise sooner but, for some reason, this site wasn't giving me the box to type comments in, until now.
  5. Variety Of Guns For Your Heroes To Use In Battle

    Hows about an M4A1 with attachments? ;D Specifically: I'd also be interested in a modern pistol if you're up for it, too. I don't really mind what kind of pistol. Take your pick :D
  6. [Ace] Galv's Substitute Functionality Crash

    First off, here's the script: This is the error I'm getting: And finally, this is the part of the script causing problems: I am using over a dozen other scripts, however, I've opened up a fresh project and tried using this script alone, and it caused the same error. The problem occurs when...

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Farm is all but done!



Might add a wagon or something towards the bottom but I think we're good to go. ^_^
This is something I randomely made in my free time while trying to find alternative ways to post images here instead of imgur, hope it doesn't look too blurry or bad.
Had an epiphany on how I could turn my massive double digit year planned project into like a 4-5 years thing, much simpler, smaller, still pretty grand, yet far more doable.
Considering whether I should still release my demo or not.
Reckon I might. It's its own story from start to finish and it would still work as a tech preview or something.
Halp, gaemake motivation sinking!!
Gotta love those BPD mood swings. At least the swing was up this time LOL

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