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  1. xXTragic_AngelXx

    Creating an elevator event

    This is pretty cool and useful for modern styled games. A+ mate!
  2. xXTragic_AngelXx

    Minnow's RTP Edits (Updated 12/05 with large tree!)

    Flying birds would be nice. I can see it being tied together with the event chase plugin and making the walking ones fly off when the player is walks near them.
  3. xXTragic_AngelXx

    Maru's MV Bits

    These tiles are amazing. I almost can't wait to see maps made with these.I'm even tempted to do it myself.
  4. xXTragic_AngelXx

    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    This was made by Dom, who does the art for my game horror. It also uses khas ultra lighting for effects.
  5. xXTragic_AngelXx

    What kind of plugins/scripts are you looking forward to?

    What a massive use of quotes. Anywho, a way for events to interact with other events and AI for NPCs. Basically a lot more stuff for NPCs.
  6. xXTragic_AngelXx

    What kind of plugins/scripts are you looking forward to?

    I want to see more scripts for events, an action battle and mode7 effects
  7. xXTragic_AngelXx

    Candacis' Resources

    These resources are awesome. I look forward to toying/mapping with these. :)
  8. xXTragic_AngelXx

    how did YOU survive highschool?

    In high school I was anti social and didn't really talk much. The few friends i have now starting hanging out with me after we finished. Other then that the classes were easy.(then college came)
  9. xXTragic_AngelXx

    Game & Map Screenshots 6

    I pressed post too early and had to wait for it to be approved. Here are the others I ment to post. All of the doors are what came with the pack and its all I have for now
  10. xXTragic_AngelXx

    Game & Map Screenshots 6

    That looks great keniisu. I'm making a corpse party like project using the Rpgmaker Ds+ pack
  11. xXTragic_AngelXx


    Thanks for the greeting everyone. I'm currently using Ace. I say I can map out doors pretty good.
  12. xXTragic_AngelXx


    Hello, I'm known as xXTragic_AngelXx, I'm a fan of Pokemon, Scott Pilgrim and Corpse Party. I've been using rpgmaker since xp came out.

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