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  1. Picture on map keeps following Player

    I apologize, since I assumed was possible to achive such without the need to modify any Class nor Scene, my bad.
  2. Picture on map keeps following Player

    Hiya! I've been using RMXP for making a small project of mine. I will avoid speaking about details and go straight to the point. I have made an event to attach a picture to map, and this picture gets looped to simulate water moving. Now the issue is that no matter what I do the picture keeps...

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Might add a wagon or something towards the bottom but I think we're good to go. ^_^
This is something I randomely made in my free time while trying to find alternative ways to post images here instead of imgur, hope it doesn't look too blurry or bad.
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Considering whether I should still release my demo or not.
Reckon I might. It's its own story from start to finish and it would still work as a tech preview or something.
Halp, gaemake motivation sinking!!

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