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  1. KoTC Autoscaling Optimized Minimap MV/MZ

    Aw I see would this explain why the Enable wasnt working and would cause lag and crashing ? Also would this work with everything turned on and allow the minimap to turn on off with out having the mini only freeze image untill map swapping? also does the minimap size through command work? I had...
  2. KoTC Autoscaling Optimized Minimap MV/MZ

    Found out if I set map book to false it stops crashing. So something is wrong with the map book system ?
  3. KoTC Autoscaling Optimized Minimap MV/MZ

    What is the key to display this? Thank you. Found it. rpg_managers.js:1949 TypeError: Cannot read property 'ImageDataStorage' of undefined at Scene_Map.callMenu (KoTC Advanced Minimap.js:1771) at Scene_Map.updateCallMenu (rpg_scenes.js:779) at Scene_Map.updateScene...
  4. KoTC Autoscaling Optimized Minimap MV/MZ

    Still crashing when I try opening menu even with the erase event on bottom.
  5. KoTC Autoscaling Optimized Minimap MV/MZ

    This is the new project with the minimap disable setup that is crashing. Nothing but the minimap and default plugins enabled. Still crashes even if I remove the defaults.
  6. KoTC Autoscaling Optimized Minimap MV/MZ

    It was doing it even in a clean project with only that plugin and the defaults on. game runs fine if I don't use the disable command. Also tried using with player touch etc but those don't work with the disable and do nothing keeping the minimap still on.
  7. KoTC Autoscaling Optimized Minimap MV/MZ

    I created a new mv project and I added in the plugin to it like normal (picture to picture folder js to js folder). Next I created a new event with plugin command for disable on it and made the event parallel. With this vanilla project and your plugin turned on it still crashes if I view the...
  8. KoTC Autoscaling Optimized Minimap MV/MZ

    Hi I love the minimap! V1.542 I am wondering if anyone else is getting crashed after running the disable command? Crash occurs after I go to my menu and have DisableKoTCMinimap on plugin command with set trigger to parallel. I have tried turning off all my plugins with no changes. TypeError...
  9. Possible "active" Actor events?

    Thank you I got the mechanics down with a test text box that will spam the user if id of actor = 1 or 6. Still haven't done it with the light plugin Terrax. I will have to go soon so im probably going to have to attempt getting the light system to trigger with this set up. Anyone know the best...
  10. Possible "active" Actor events?

    Thank you. I am still not sure how is the problem and not understanding how to use ID to trigger the next page instead of just having it trigger with anyone in party.
  11. Possible "active" Actor events?

    Thank you a lot I been trying to search this up all night! I will give this a shot when I have time. Update I got stuck with the ID and not sure how to make it only work for those 2 actors and not just any in slot 1.
  12. Possible "active" Actor events?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could please help me with figuring out if events can be triggered by a active actor instead of just actor being in the party. Reason for this is I want to force certain actors to serve certain roles and to only perform such roles if they are in 1st party slot or at...

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