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  1. RCDunn

    How many games approach their design as if this is the first game the player has ever played?

    Your question reminds me of this video I recently watched (although it's a few years old). In short most games assume the player has familiarity with the very basics of games in the first place. This helps most players who've been playing for years, but creates serious barriers of entry to...
  2. RCDunn

    How long should a first game be?

    I personally found it helpful just playing around and making a ~30 mins "game", but it was more to test what I could do with the engine than an actually released product.
  3. RCDunn

    FREE Numina - Looking for Betatesters

    Hey I'm interested, sending you a DM
  4. RCDunn

    RMMZ Is it okay to use the default assets?

    Agreed with what's been said. Just to add to it, if you do choose to go the custom assets route, you can always replace the RTP ones relatively easily, especially if they're mostly the same dimensions. Last year I started replacing the assets in my game after working on it for several years...
  5. RCDunn

    RMMV One Fenix Down (New demo available now!)

    Added a nice First Look video by BigSquirrell. The video is concise and I love his voice overs.
  6. RCDunn

    RMMV One Fenix Down (New demo available now!)

    Hey thanks for playing and appreciate the feedback! I've made note of it all. Re: RPGM chibis, they've been edited but I get your point. Fortunately the game isn't all serious war scenes :) In all seriousness, I prioritized my budget on portraits/battlers and would probably need to crowdsource...
  7. RCDunn

    RMMV One Fenix Down (New demo available now!)

    The demo is now available! I hope you all enjoy it :)
  8. RCDunn

    RMMV One Fenix Down (New demo available now!)

    It was slightly delayed, but just a heads up the overhauled demo will be out tomorrow (Saturday)!
  9. RCDunn

    MV - Unexpected token u in JSON at position 0

    Thanks @caethyril , as usual you are a life saver :) Based on the other thread that dev was probably having the same issue as me with a force action + stun effect. It's strange that I can't seem to replicate the error myself, but I will add this and hope it works.
  10. RCDunn

    MV - Unexpected token u in JSON at position 0

    Hello, One of my playtesters encountered this error and we've been unable to reproduce it. Google search hasn't yielded much besides that there might be a corrupted file somewhere. I see the force action and ActorId mentioned, and I wonder if it's because I have an event early in this battle...
  11. RCDunn

    RMMV One Fenix Down (New demo available now!)

    Gave the game page a bit of an overhaul. All new artwork and a new demo announced December 2022!
  12. RCDunn

    RMMZ Type of weapon equipped in damage formula?

    I use this for a specific weapon type to do more damage than other weapons types, and it seems to work with no issues. Maybe it'll help with what you're trying to achieve? if (user.equips()[0].wtypeId == 2) (a.atk * 2.0 - b.def * 0.3); else (a.atk * 1.0 - b.def * 0.3)
  13. RCDunn

    RMMV Manafinder - A tale about survival featuring all original pixel art and music! [Released!]

    Big congrats, going to pick this up right now! I feel as excited as if my own game was released :)
  14. RCDunn

    Caethyril's Plugins

    Hi Caethyril, After playing around a little I found it's actually a compatibility issue with GALV_DiagonalMovement. The error mentions a few plug-ins, but your slope move works fine after I disable Galv's. Since I need both plug-ins, I'll use my original plan of blocking events from slopes...
  15. RCDunn

    Caethyril's Plugins

    Hi @caethyril , I love your slope movement plug-in. Unfortunately I've come across 2 instances which cause a crash. 1. Colliding with a moving event that is on a slope region. This is an easy enough fix -- simply block events from accessing the slope regions. 2. Funny enough, "Turn away from...
  16. RCDunn

    waynee95's Plugin Collection [NEWEST: WAY_MenuBackgrounds]

    I seem to encounter errors whenever I Save/Load, or quit to Title then try to start a New Game. It seems something is causing an infinite loop somewhere. Please see the attached screenshot. I do have WAY_Core v2.0.0 and the CustomEquipEval v1.2.1 installed which are the latest versions on your...
  17. RCDunn

    RMMV One Fenix Down (New demo available now!)

    Adding some first impression videos recently done by DriftwoodGaming and D757gaming. General feedback is positive, although there's definitely a lot of cutscenes in the first hour which take much longer to read through out loud during a stream than in your head. The game is intended for a...
  18. RCDunn

    RMMV One Fenix Down (New demo available now!)

    Hey thanks for playing and sorry for the problems you encountered. I noticed you selected Classic JRPG mode which is Hard mode and warns you that bosses are challenging and ruthless. I would have suggested an easier mode if you were going for a quick test and avoiding battles. Hard mode also...
  19. RCDunn

    RMMV One Fenix Down (New demo available now!)

    Sorry about that, I accidentally had the download disabled. You should be able to download now. Hope you guys enjoy the game and thanks for playing!
  20. RCDunn

    RMMV One Fenix Down (New demo available now!)

    FOREWORD Greetings all! I'm delighted to introduce my passion project of the past 6 years. One Fenix Down is a story-driven, retro-inspired game and is a love-letter to the JRPG genre that shaped my childhood. The game will be 30 chapters in total upon completion with about 30-40 hours of...

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