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  1. ave36

    Mushrooms: Are they magical or healthy ?

    In Legend of Terra Firma, the only notable mushroom item is the Dementos Fungus. It is of the psychodelic/deliriant type and causes the Confuse status.
  2. ave36

    Potions: Are they really that useful?

    I use the entire kit and kaboodle of potions and tinctures in my game. Not all characters in the party have access to healing spells; at most three can, namely Melle the White Mage, Mira the Paladin, and whoever has the Avatar of Healing junctioned. If the party does not have either of the...
  3. ave36

    Let's Hit the Lore Gear... Immortality, Invincibility, Invulnerability and Insurmountability

    Here's some Legend of Terra Firma lore regarding these concepts. Humans, Dwarves, Orcs and most monsters are finite and mortal. The former three die and go to Sheol, the realm of the dead souls. Dead monsters usually cease being entirely. Elves, and most forms of the Undead, are Immortal. They...
  4. ave36

    Is Wisdom really limitless and should it benefit all classes?

    My game, Legend of Terra Firma, does have a Wisdom stat (repurposed Luck with rewritten code). However, it is a stat that is most useful to white mage/healer and buffer/debuffer classes. It regulates the effect of healing, success rate of status ailment spells and resistance to status ailment...
  5. ave36

    Creative ways to use TP in battle?

    In my games, the TP bar is just the Limit Break bar. It is one of the default options for TP functionality: making the bar be filled by incoming damage. So I decided to go for it.
  6. ave36

    How to make a skill that works like Focus/Concentrate from SMT?

    Depending on the damage formulas you use, buffing stats for 2 turns may be what you need. Atk for physical, MAt for magical.
  7. ave36

    Enemy hierarchy idea

    I have a similar enemy encounter, a giant, partially submerged octopus with a body and arms. If you inflict a status effect on the body, arms get the status effect as well, and if you kill the body, arms die, too. I use the same method as you. There probably is a way to do this via lunatic...
  8. ave36

    How to establish a villain as a serious threat?

    Reaves Gerrard from my game, Legend of Terra Firma, is touted as a classic dark messiah type villain once his evil nature is revealed. But as we learn of his viewpoint and motivations, we come to know that he is a different kind of villain, worse than expected: a nihilist who rebels against both...
  9. ave36

    What Age You Would Choose For your Characters on Your Maker Game?

    Mix. In Legend of Terra Firma, Oscar Gerrard and Mira Aurorin are 18, Melle von Ruritania is 14, Krible Mutzik is 45, Kaori is 25, Nitewind Doubtful does not really know his age (he was a street urchin with no certificate of birth) but looks 18-ish, Solomon von Cid is 70, and Geas, being a cat...
  10. ave36

    Triple Triad Card Game

    OK @Raizen, I'll send you my code. How would you like to receive it, by email, by PM or by making it public? Warning, it has even more dirty hacks than yours. At least I had the decency to comment them in English.
  11. ave36

    Triple Triad Card Game

    This is the beta version of the Elemental rule. It is implemented as a game mechanic, but the AI so far cannot use it effectively. I'll be working on it. Addendum: basic card flip Elemental AI is implemented. I tested it by making moves exposing a card with a 2 left side to the elemental square...
  12. ave36

    Triple Triad Card Game

    Good news, everyone: Diff now works, too! Elemental is next!
  13. ave36

    Triple Triad Card Game

    Ladies and gentlemen! My fork of this plugin now has a fully functional Random rule! You still get to pick your hand at the beginning, because the pick your hand phase happens before the game rules are defined; it's just how the code is written. I've so far not found how to skip picking your...
  14. ave36

    Triple Triad Card Game

    @Raizen Would you be OK with another coder implementing Elemental, Random and Diff if you can't do so?
  15. ave36

    how to give strategic differences to different melee weapons?

    I prefer the class approach. One class uses one weapon. The knight uses swords, the berserker uses axes, the thief uses knives, etc.
  16. ave36

    Triple Triad Card Game

    Waiting patiently. I will not release the game without these rules.
  17. ave36

    Triple Triad Card Game

    @Raizen Are there any updates concerning Elemental and other rules not implemented currently?
  18. ave36

    How Do You Design Your "Ultimates"?

    Limit Breaks in Legend of Terra Firma are dependent on the characters and their classes. For example, Mira is a Paladin, her Limit Breaks are pretty normal sword slash attacks. Oscar is a Black Knight, his Limit Breaks are sword attacks "with a price" that somehow harm the user as well, for...
  19. ave36


    Legend of Terra Firma does have mini-bosses. The main character is a Black Knight, sort of a monster hunter for hire, like a witcher. Every now and often, he encounters monster hunting side quests which involve fighting mini-bosses. A mini-boss has normal boss mechanics (not being able to...
  20. ave36

    Do You Have Healing?

    Since my game is essentially a discount Final Fantasy, I adhere to the "Cure, Cura, Curaga" paradigm. Legend of Terra Firma has the Elixi line of spells that works exactly like Final Fantasy Cure (heals, damages undead). Healing potions, called Medicines, also do this. There are two characters...

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