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  1. Fragarachu

    Check if player has a key to ride a boat?

    So, in RPG Maker VX Ace, is there a way to check if the player HAS a key to ride the boat. The boat is the car, i have the sprite and the script for the boat to work on land,
  2. Fragarachu

    Check if player is looking at event?

    So in RPG Maker VX Ace how do i check if player is looking at event? If player facing a event, a message shows.
  3. Fragarachu

    I can't move?

    Fixed! Thanks.
  4. Fragarachu

    Icon Set?

    Oh, that works! Guys, you must delete the fourth column!
  5. Fragarachu

    I can't move?

    So, i've made a school map, and i've set the move route of the teacher. But the teacher doesn't move, so i ignored it. Then i'm teleported to the same map, we can roam this time, but still cannot move! My character can only turn around! I can't move! Even when the tile is passable. So...
  6. Fragarachu

    Icon Set?

    So i need to strectch it and decrease the horizontal and vertical?
  7. Fragarachu

    Icon Set?

    What just happened. EDIT : I use this tool. EDIT2: The selecting character thing (white square) picks the whole image
  8. Fragarachu

    Icon Set?

    Yeah... that works, only for event. When i do it for the actor, the white square is big, and when i see it from outside, the character is cut in half. So, how do i do it for Actor?
  9. Fragarachu

    Main Objective

    Well if you want to show only the objectives, maybe a common event that shows picture.
  10. Fragarachu

    Icon Set?

    So i've downloaded a char set, imported it, and i want to put it on a event. When i'm about to do that, the icon set thing (the white square thing) is wrong. It's very tiny than the char itself! The char is frog char, from here ...
  11. Fragarachu

    Friendship on event script?

    So i am making a big RPG Maker VX Ace game, and i want friendship system in it. So when you pick right talk choice, you will gain friendship. The friendship lists are on the menu. and when you have friends with an event, a switch is activated like Ryoku #if friends with her Switch 43 will be...
  12. Fragarachu

    Enable a switch while running?

    In RPG Maker VX Ace, how do i activate switch when dashing/running?
  13. Fragarachu

    Objectives script

    It's D and i have keyboard manager plugin to change it to TAB.
  14. Fragarachu

    Can't see through walls?

    Nah, i want the room that has the player will be still bright but the room that has no player it will be dark.
  15. Fragarachu

    Zeus Lights & Shadows

    Longer flashlight?
  16. Fragarachu

    Text on screen regardless on what are you doing?

    By the way, yep calling common event is much easier
  17. Fragarachu

    Can't see through walls?

    Yes it can but it will be dark everywhere. I want it to be like the picture i've posted. I never tried Fog of war script, i've found one but it's "once you explored it the fog will never disappear" thing. Made by Theo. LINK
  18. Fragarachu

    Text on screen regardless on what are you doing?

    Well if it's a player touch the player will freeze
  19. Fragarachu

    Can't see through walls?

    I don't know if that's gonna work...

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